Being over 50 brings with it so many challenges. When you fall down, you just imply do not just get back up. So once I fell off the health wagon, I spiraled out of control into what I can say only define as near depression. The one thing I did know was that I did not want to be so darn sad, cynical, critical and miserable (and chubby).

I met with Kathi and we sat down and did a detailed analysis of my concerns. Kathi then whisked away all the information and came up with a plan. Then we tweaked the plan. Then we tweaked it some more.  My course of "training" might not be what works for you but working with Kathi, you will find what does.

What I can tell you is that Kathi works on what she called "real life health". Simply that you cannot lose weight, sleep better, and felt better unless you work on the whole. Kathi teaches with logic and science. And she knows her stuff. She researched my particular issues and came up with a personalized plan that just simply WORKED. I have lost weight, kept it off, sleep better, feel better, and best of all I am simply not angry any more. I do not react to just every little thing. I am what you would call reasonable, not reactive but rather positive. And best of all, I am a thinner, happier, lovelier person to be with and people notice.

                                                 -  Kim Jarvis, Business Owner and Client

Kathi had very relevant information for me and I found her interesting, entertaining, and very knowledgeable.  I will be looking at her blog and e-mailing her I'm sure. Loved it! I have changed my diet and will add the flexibility to my life. Thank you Kathi! 

                                                     - Women and Homelessness Conference Delegate

Very informative, real, non-judgemental, funny. Clear, valid information. A great presenter.  
                                                    - Women and Homelessness Conference Delegate

Working with individuals, Kathi has inspired many participants who have found it difficult to make exercise a habit. Her presentation style is unique as she pulls from pop culture and other entertaining and humorous ways to present a topic. From her "10 Ways to the Worst Body Ever" campaign to her "Health by Chocolate" seminars, Kathi is always approaching her topics from a fresh perspective that draws greater interest from those within her community.  
                                                    - Maggie, course participant

Kathi's knowledge is boundless.  She has taught me that there is no fluff and no magic pill in real life health. Aside from the time and effort she puts into her educational credentials, it is obvious that she spends many additional hours researching trends and the science behind what she teaches about nutrition, exercise and how not only our bodies respond to it but also our minds and how our behaviour relates to change and success.  It is so exciting to be armed with "real" tools! Having the right tools combined with Kathi's genuine encouragement motivates and strengthens me through my biggest challenges.  
                                                     - Rhonda, course participant

Thank-you, wealth of information. Gained a lot of personal insights and the significance of emotional health to being a successful leader! 
                                                       - Katie, The Art of Leadership participant

Kathi Cameron recently presented a seminar to the airport operations staff about how to effectively communicate within our staff and to our customers.  The presentation was absolutely dynamite! She approached this complex topic in an interesting, funny and understandable manner that taught us the necessary preconditions for good communication, how to manage stressful moments and how to be an assertive communicator.  Her fun introductory game and outgoing manner quickly established a bond with our staff and her words of wisdom throughout the presentation resonated with all of us.  I will definitely invite her back
                                                          - Ian  Heselgrave, Operations Manager, Comox Valley Airport