Who am I?

I have worked in the health profession for over 25 years and hold an undergrad in Kinesiology, a masters degree in Exercise and Sport Psychology and another in Clinical Psychology .  I have worked in leadership roles for non-profit, private, and government agencies and presently serve as the Manger for Health Promotion with the Canadian Forces Base at 19 Wing Comox, BC.  

I continue to develop and facilitate health promotion education courses for business and community college populations and have served as a sessional lecturer for the University of Victoria and North Island College.  

Most recently, I have developed the curriculum for harmful and inappropriate sexual behaviour (HISB) for the Royal Canadian Air Force at 19 Wing Comox and have served on the national working group to develop the Respect in the CAF workshop now being delivered nationally. I am currently seeking opportunities as a consultant for the development of sexual harassment prevention programming in other organizations.

As a clinical counsellor, work with people within a wide range of eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, emotional eating, food addiction, and sub clinical disorders such as orthorexia - an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating).

I offer eating disorder awareness and prevention courses for parents, teachers, and helping professionals in addition to running the EVERY BODY Project support people working towards body acceptance.

I also work with a wide range of issues (from trauma and depression to transition, grief, and general behaviour changes).  I offer meditation / visualization classes for injury and chronic pain management and work with individual and team athletes around performance anxiety and other areas relating to performance, injury, and even the challenges of retirement.

This blog has been a work in progress since about 2006 and I continue to use it as a way to share thoughts, education, and considerations for change.

If you have any questions for me or would like to chat about my services, I would love to hear from you.  My email is reallifehealth@yahoo.ca.