Health Promotion & Education

Why is health promotion important?

It is widely accepted that absentee employees cost companies, big and small, money (a lot of it). What isn't as understood is the fact that presenteeism may cost an employer more than 3 times the dollar amount as absenteeism in terms of productivity loss, according to the Journal of Occupation and Environmental Medicine.

More and more managers are waking up to the benefits of workplace well-being.  Not just because it makes people feel better and be more productive, but because it's simply the right thing to do (Canadian Center for Management Development).
What is presenteeism? As absenteeism is defined as being away from work, presenteeism can be defined as being at work...but not really being at work. Have you ever found yourself sitting at your desk staring into the computer screen but not really getting much done? From surfing the net to lack of focus and concentration, what presenteeism lacks in productivity, it gains in keeping the office chair warm.

Although there are many personal and professional influences, stress is a major contributor to workplace presenteeism. From taking care of kids and aging parents, imbalances in work and life, to financial and relationship strain, stress levels are rising. As a result, we are getting ill, getting depressed, getting addicted, and getting angry. What is an employer to do?

Taking Care of Your Biggest Asset

For any business, investment in a comprehensive workplace health promotion program can result in
  • reduction in benefit costs
  • increased productivity
  • happier and healthier employees
  • substantial savings through decreased absenteeism
  • reduced staff turnover 
  • enhancement of cohesion
  • reduction in workplace stress
  • enhanced customer service
  • a positive and caring image
Employee / employer awareness is the key to creating a healthy and happy workplace.  Real Life Corporate Health Education can enhance this awareness through efficient and cost effective programming that will suit the needs of your business environment.  Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, Real Life Health (RLH) will not only tailor an educational package that is right for your office or business, but will attend to your specific work culture and tailor the messages to suit the language, practice, and mission of your business environment. comes down to the one simple fact: when employees are satisfied with their work environment and working conditions they can make their best contribution and provide high-quality service and programs to Canadians (Canadian Center for Management Development).

Choose from a wide variety of health promotion topics and delivery models and RLH will create an informative, best-practice health education opportunity that will not only educate but entertain.  RLH promises to change the way you think about health promotion and make it surprisingly simple to include in any work day.  All you have to do is get 'em in the door, RLH will take care of the rest.

Real Life Corporate Health Promotion and Education
List of Topics

Pick all or a little of each, RLH can tailor your health education program to suit your specific needs. Although the overview of each topic isn't included, attention is paid to the five components of health when appropriate.

Stress Management
  • Communication for Stress Management
  • Stress and Lifestyle
  • Humour (without being the company clown)
  • Stress 101; the good, the bad, and the (very) ugly
Healthy Eating
  • Health by Chocolate
  • The Secrets to Eating Well
  • Healthy Eating Basics
  • Weight Loss Over 40
  • Eating for Activity
Physical Activity
  • Getting Started
  • The 5 Components of Fitness
  • Exercise Over 40
  • Fitness Facts and Fallacies
  • Physical Activity for Health (or looking good naked)?
  • The 5 Secrets to Sticking With It!
  • Are you leading WELL?
  • Thanks for Being a Pain; The Art of Customer Care
  • The Art of Leadership
  • Leading Loosely; Communication for Stress Leadership
Health Promotion General
  • The Secret to Work/Life Balance
  • Balance; A Cookie in Both Hands
  • Is it health or looking good naked?
  • Five Simple Things to Improve Your Health Today!
  • 10 Steps to Your Worst Body Ever!

Pick a Delivery Model

The challenge to the implementation of a health promotion program is time.  You are busy and so are your employees. Although you may value workplace health promotion, you may not have the time to spare.  You are not alone.  Real Life Health works with your schedule and can create anything from a one-time event to a series of program offerings.  You may only have an hour or two or you may be looking for a large professional development event.  Either way, RLH can create something that works for you.

Kathi Cameron, BKin., MA

Kathi has over 20 years of professional experience as a health promotion facilitator in private, not-for-profit, public, and academic venues. Having worked along side the military community as a health promotion specialist, she understands the challenges and influences of workplace culture as it relates to the promotion of health. She has a proven track record as a health promotion translator creating a message that resonates with even the toughest critic.

In addition to holding a undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and masters degree in Exercise and Health Psychology, Kathi has worked with the University of Victoria as a sessional lecturer, is a published author, and popular speaker.  She is a sought after presenter/facilitator known for her unique perspective on health, her passionate energy, and her entertaining "real life" approach to an otherwise complicated topic. Check out "Professional Speaking Experience" for a detailed list of speaking history.

To book Kathi, to speak at your workplace, or if you have any questions, please contact her at 250.830.7330 or email her at