June 2, 2017

Good Bye Real Life Health!

I acknowledge that I have let my routine of blog posts dwindle down to nothing.  Blame it on lack of time, lack of positive feedback, a feeling of not making a difference in a world that wants weight loss fast or the perfect relationship without the work. To be honest, when I think about posting something I can't think of what to post.

I'm officially done with weight loss (I feel dirty even talking about it). I realize that exercise prescription is a product of a multi million dollar industry that makes money on telling us we aren't good enough. I'm now aware of the underbelly of health promotion and how this movement has created many people to feel bad about themselves or guilty for eating a "bad" food.  I'm aware that, as a result of our pursuit of health, fitness, and youth, we are becoming a society of disordered eaters, disordered exercisers, while depression and anxiety is sky rocketing.

Readers don't want to hear that dieting doesn't work, that exercise isn't a weight loss tool, that we should embrace all food and enjoy eating, and that body acceptance is the way towards health. We aren't there yet. I wish I was that kind of person who didn't feel socially responsible for what I said so I could promise fast weight loss and advertise juices that are healthy along with the latest exercise and super food that will make you look years younger.  I can't.

Over the past few years I have slowly transitioned into a focus on mental health while keeping true to my health promotion roots.  I am merging the benefits of physical activity, sleep, and nutrition with the effects this triad has on our mental health.  I have reached a point where I realize talking about weight loss, healthy eating, exercise, and all the stuff I have written about here on this blog is bullshit and, to be frank, quite unhealthy for our mental well being.  We have become a society that judges each other based upon body size, how much we exercise, what we eat, and what we have and I don't want to play a role in that anymore.

So I am officially ceasing to post on this blog.  Of course, I've started a new one focusing primarily on mental health while diving into the subjects that relate to it.  You can find it here. I wanted to formerly close this blog because of all the spam and bullshit comments that I am starting to receive.  Comments promising all the things that this blog was trying to avoid.  I can't tell you how happy I feel when I received a comment from a reader saying how much she/he enjoyed my post or how my story helped them get through something. Now I receive numerous notifications that some slimy spammer has violated my blog with their bullshit adds.

It's funny.  I spent years blogging and cultivating something out of nothing and, even though I didn't get a large readership, I felt like I was making a difference.  I felt like this blog was like a child I had raised from infancy.

Anyway, thanks for reading. If you haven't checked out some of the posts I offer here, I gotta say...some are worth the read.  Otherwise, I hope to see you visiting my new blog.  I won't be posting as much, but it all about quality...not quantity.

That's all I got.

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