January 7, 2016

Big News in Nutrition!

I have to say, since the beginning of this new year I have seen and heard many positive messages about diet, weight, and nutrition that have me feeling more positive than ever about our direction in health promotion (and that's big news...I'm usually very bitter and angry).  First, I read an article of the CBC.ca website that reviewed the 10 things we won't need for better health in 2016.  Second, was another article from the same source outlining the the latest dietary guidelines in the US . Third, was the great article that came out yesterday on "healthyish" eating . Great news! Big news!

Perhaps I am finally open to hearing the latest news on healthyish eating or perhaps I'm just getting older (and tired of the food theories crap), but the basic premise to this perspective is (you've probably guessed by now)...is balance. If we are able to cut down on our sugar and eat more whole foods with a focus on plants (don't worry meatarians, this doesn't mean what you think it does) we are doing a great job! This also means being able to enjoy fun foods and not have to eliminate or restrict (which we know doesn't work anyway). Again, there is no definitive science telling us to eating vegetables only or meat only or what the cave people ate or raw only or upside only. We will make ourselves sick if we continue to spend our time worrying about what we are eating. That's the brilliance of this article on "healthyish eating"...restriction is more harmful than healthy and they take a holistic approach - which is one of the first times I have witnessed this in the media!
Michael Pollan, author of Food Rules and In Defense of Food, has had it right all along; eat real food, not too much, mostly plants.  If you have yet to read his books, I highly recommend them as your "go to" food and diet bible. He promotes balance and backs up his findings. I am particularly in love with "Food Rules" because it is small, portable, and very (very) easy to read and understand.  You can carry it with you and refer to it if a vegan gets in your way at the grocery store.  You can use it as a line of defense should a raw food convert start getting all judgey and self-righteous. It's perfect.
But wait! There's more! I was listening to a great radio interview yesterday on (you guessed it) the CBC that examined the diet industry and the changes that are "thinning" it out.  Did you know that both Herbal Magic and Slim Fast have left the building? I didn't.  Of course, with Ms. Winfrey becoming so involved in Weight Watchers that company is taking off but, evidently, they report that the focus is now on health and not weight loss (kinda hard to believe when they still do weigh ins, but who am I to judge).  It's all a great move towards health. It may not be perfect yet...but it is a huge change.

So I leave you with that positive food for thought....until next time when I start ranting about the latest trend in fitness or something stupid like that.

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