December 24, 2015

Fitness, Fatness, and Fabrication!

Hello, my name is Kathi and I haven't posted a thing on this blog for a very long time.  I almost don't feel like the same person anymore.  I have since graduated and become a registered clinical counsellor with the province.  I have also honed in on a niche to include eating disorders from anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder to sub clinical issues with food and eating including orthorexia.  This will be my focus as I move into a career as a practitioner (while keeping my day job, of course). 

I am sorry for not attending to my blog (my baby).  I went off and got mixed up with freelance writing and lost all focus.  Last June (the last time I posted) I landed a freelance writing position with an online media company and since then have been writing for them.  I feel guilty and am sorry I forgot my blog.  There is this psychological term called the "overjustification effect" and I am a walking example of it.  When one gets paid for doing what they enjoy, they sometimes lose all interest in doing it at all. Although I continue as a freelancer and would love to get more work in the area, there are times when sitting down to write an article is work.  Plus I can't write the way I love to write and, therefore, I have decided to reacquaint myself with my blog again. 

Since beginning my graduate degree in clinical psychology, I have read and researched more about exercise and nutrition than ever before.  The difference, this time, is I have focused on learning more about the bullshit that is the health and fitness industry. The hard part is coming to work everyday and teaching courses in related topics knowing that it isn't just about exercise and veggies.  In fact, a focus on eating and exercise can become problematic and disordered if we narrow our focus to just a few factors.

So I have come up with a focus for my blog that will position all health and fitness with a bigger perspective.  For example, today on CBC there was a doctor that reviewed the latest study on fitness and fatness.  Research up to this point (and research that includes many years and millions of people) has supported the notion that you can be in the obese range of the BMI (body mass index) and be healthy provided you are physically active and enjoy a healthy diet.  This latest study challenges all that by suggesting fatness still kills us faster than thinness.  I call bullshit. In fact I called bullshit very loudly as I yelled at my car radio as I drove to work this morning.

Studies like these take into account a few variables without looking at the bigger perspective of health.  For example, these researchers examined a large population of males that joined the military over a ten year period.  They looked at fatness, fitness, and length of life.....and that's it. They found that those who were fat and active died sooner than those who were thin and sedentary. BUT...they didn't look at other lifestyle factors like stress, depression and other mental illnesses.  Just these factors alone could contribute to a shorter life span due to other related variables such as addiction, self-harm, isolation, and chronic sadness/hopelessness.  ALL of these factors reduce the immune system response and can lead to a shorter life span.

So (yet again....yawn) we have researchers supporting the notion that fat is bad. How utterly surprising. For those of you or those you love, I still stand by the notion that if one is physically active and enjoys a healthy diet that includes a wide variety of vegetables, low sugar, and whole foods AND is are doing a great job!

So that's all I got this Christmas eve. I wish you a very healthy, safe, and emotionally honest holiday season (I don't believe in happy anymore...and I'll get to that later).



  1. Great post Kathi and so glad to see you writing! I have always been such a fan of your authentic tone and relatable messages. Look forward to seeing more.

  2. Hi Sara! Great to hear from you. Thanks (yet again) for taking the time to comment. You are such a great support.
    All the best for 2016!