April 16, 2015

Ink Pink this Stinks!

There have been a few posts on social media lately that have been getting me thinking (more than I care to think about social media).  I'm sure many of you have seen the posts about Pink and the comments she has received about her body.  When I first saw the headlines (without seeing the picture) it appeared that her fans were verbalizing their concern for her body weight - how thoughtful.  Of course, I was expecting to see yet another emaciated celebrity flaunting her teeny tiny waistline with the latest tasteless fashion (I know...I sound old...I sound like my mother, but my fashion gurus are Catherine and Audrey Hepburn).  Instead, however, I was looking at a picture of a normal woman in a tasteful black dress. There was NOTHING wrong with her. She looked great...what the hell is everyone talking about?
Poor Norma Desmond, she was the perfect example of the aging celebrity in the movie "Sunset Boulevard".  The cost of celebrity is the ever present gaze of our society and the scrutiny celebrities face as a result.  They are either too thin or too fat, to botoxed, or too natural....it's a high price to pay in my opinion.

The news headline wasn't really focused on the comments but on Pink's response to them.  As I'm reading this I'm thinking...response? Why would you even respond to this ignorance? You don't owe them anything, Pink.  She stated she felt happy, healthy, and beautiful...which is something to celebrate and congratulations to her if this is her true emotional and physical state. I couldn't help but wonder, though, if she was also tormented internally and sitting at home planning out her next "detox" diet to "gain back her health".  My heart bleeds for the female celebrities these days.  You are damned if you do follow the trend of self starvation to gain the admiration of the industry and the fans, and you are damned if you don't and buck the belief that anorexic is healthy while gaining a few pounds.  In addition, "the fans" complain there aren't enough larger celebrities and models out there but, when faced with one, all they do is worry about her "health"? Give me a break. 

Let me tell you something, if they were truly worried about Pink's health they would have congratulated her for her weight gain.  THE MORE FAT UNDER THE SKIN (a.k.a. subcutaneous fat)...THE HEALTHIER YOU ARE!!!!!  If "the fans" were really concerned about the health of their celebrities, they would be posting and tweeting about the countless celebrities and actors with little fat on their bodies.  No, this concern is driven by our society's fat stigma, not about health, and is  what keeps most women down by the self-hate it breeds. 
We are all socialized and influenced by
what our society defines as beauty. The
challenge is to reject these ideas and
appreciate yourself for what you
contribute in this world (and I don't
mean taking the best selfie ever!).

The icing on the (non-fat, non-dairy, sugar-free, gluten-free) cake is when the we refer to these "fat" celebrities as brave or courageous without questioning or challenging the underlying assumptions of all this body talk.  If I chose to hang my muffin toppage out of my skinny jeans I may face public body shame (as the poor girl in the latest Buble selfie) or be labeled as brave (all the while everyone's wondering how I could have let myself go).  I'm not brave or courageous, I want to wear my skinny jeans.  Leave brave and courageous for those who help the starving or clothe and shelter the homeless (or running into a burning building to save a little kitten).

The proof will be in the pudding if the next photo we see of poor Pink is less 10 pounds and back to her unhealthy, yet chiseled, "I got my body back" self.  When will it stop? How will it stop? Will it stop? Or are we (the collective we) looking at a life-sentence of body focus so vigilant that we forget the important things in life? If we spent less time worried about our fat rolls and more time learning and contributing to the betterment of our society, our world would be a better place. What is it going to take to make us change? 
Whenever I get all weird about my own appearance, I ask myself...who cares? Will this make me more popular? More loved? More intelligent? No. No one is going to notice my 5 pound weight loss or gain...it's just the voice in my head.

One thing is for sure, as long as we continue to comment or participate in conversations related to the latest weight gain or loss (i.e. buying those God forsaken magazines that highlight celebrity weight gain) we will be contributing to this problem.  Take a stand and just walk away from this ...and maybe then, things will start changing. 

...or not.....


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