April 28, 2014

From Gucci to Gardening

It used to be I would enjoy spending (literally) thousands of dollars on shoes, new wardrobes, hair products and services, and self-help books....now, I get excited by spending hundreds of dollars on mulch, plants, and seeds.  I used to love to go out to dinner and a movie and now I can't wait to make a pizza, grab a bottle, and sit on the couch (where no one will talk, text, or eat with their mouth open during the movie).
I remember buying the September issue of Vogue and In-Style (as big as a bible) and would sit for days studying the latest fashion and taking notes before the big shop.  Now I surf Pintrest for recipes and project ideas.

Not only is my wardrobe old and tired, but it is time to make that transition from winter to spring and I have nothing to pull out of storage. Not only that, I'm not so sure I will be able to fit into anything anyway (I'm not emotionally ready to check that out). I was planning on a shopping trip this weekend, just like old times, to add a little energy to my closet until I got the bill for my dog walker.  So now I look forward to a trip to "Value Village" to spend hours sifting through other people's discarded clothes....as they say, one person trash (is another person's designer outfit)!

I can't fight it, I have to admit, my priorities have changed more than I ever expected them to.  For over 25 years I was into going to the gym everyday and spending up to 2 hours exercising, now I'm happy to walk my dog or spend time in the garden. My tolerance for sharing space with grunting, sweaty, self-centered, muscle heads as they primp and preen in the mirror talking only of the latest diet or supplement to cut into their quads are over. I now enjoy Nip/Tuck re runs as I spin and lift in my own garage (if I'm not walking and gardening).

It wasn't that long ago I enjoyed going out to different restaurants and linger over a bottle of wine paired with a few tapas. Now I find no one can grill a steak like I can or prepare the veggies just right. I enjoy my time spent in the kitchen preparing a healthy, whole dinner whilst catching up on Mad Men on Netflix. When we do go out, we always end up feeling disappointed; like we could do better and be more comfortable at home. Ten years ago, my typical Saturday night was going out with friends drinking, dancing, and getting into all types of excitement and now my dream Saturday night includes, dinner at home, hot tub, and movie (in that order)...oh, and bed at a reasonable hour so I can get up early and work in the garden.

It's scary just how one can change over time. However, as I think back to the "good olde days" I don't feel loss or sadness or even a desire to turn back time or relive anything....I feel grateful. Grateful that I finally found someone that I love and respect (and can laugh with - or at). I finally took the risk and committed to a person, house, career, and life that I would have otherwise run from.  Despite the turbulence over the last few years adjusting to step family-hood and home-ownership and living with my man-friend, I have come out the other side eager to plant a bush, edge a lawn, and re-stain the deck.......

........even if it means I'll be wearing a used pink sweat shirt with kittens on it (not that there's anything wrong with that).


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