November 28, 2013

Fist Bump for Health?

I have nothing to say about this.
Yup. That's the latest in the health news! Health officials would like to see us bump fists over the traditional handshake in the fight against germ spreading. Is it me or are the headlines starting to sound like something you would expect to read in a Mad magazine?

I don't know much, but I do know that the traditional handshake originated a long long time ago. As long as the 2nd Century BC people (men) would great each other with a handshake to show they weren't carrying weapons or were a threat to the other.  Since then, the handshake has taken on many greet, to congratulate, and to confirm an intention or contract.  So now, with the threat of super bugs and animal flus, health officials are suggesting another manner in which to show respect or greet each a fist bump or a thumbs up! Couple that with a few "LOLs" and "WTFs" and you have a healthier and more civilized society fer sure (sense the sarcasm anyone?).

Although the suggestion of getting rid of the handshake seems like a good one (to help reduce the spread of viruses and such) I can't help but wonder why we aren't focusing on the management of stress at all. I mean, it is a known fact that chronic stress lowers the immune system function and makes one vulnerable to every bug out there. If there was a public health message supporting the management of stress and all the things that relate to it, perhaps the rates of colds and flus would be reduced. Why is it that we aren't really focused on prevention yet? Instead, we focus on fist bumps...kinda stupid if you ask me.

I wonder if something like this in
the future, could lead to our next
world war????

In a perfect world (a world full of politicians and medical professionals that critically think and aren't influenced by big business) we would have sleep hygiene programs that would help the public get more sleep (as sleep deprivation is a global issue). We would have resiliency courses, communication courses, and life management courses in schools that would promote healthy lifestyles. We may even see a higher rate of happiness or contentment, increased self esteem, and lower rates of accidents (knowing that sleep deprivation is the cause of many occupational and road accidents).

But we don't live in that instead we can look forward to knuckle bumps at wedding receptions and board rooms. If we are really lucky, maybe we'll start to greet each other with a knee hug or an elbow kiss!

Lucky us.


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