January 5, 2013

Make It! Don't Fake It!

A few days have passed since New Years and I have yet to formulate a blog post about new year's resolutions and behaviour change. You would think, seeing as it is my thang, that I would be on this even before the corny hats went on and horns blew...but I have nothing to say about it this year.

Sure, I have a few resolutions I'm making for myself, but I haven't even started to think about it. Instead, what has taken over my thoughts, is the thoughts and words of wisdom I read on my Facebook page.  Insights on family, proclamations of being yourself no matter what people may think and all the rest of it made me think....are these honest beliefs put out by those who already practice putting family first, speaking your mind, and being honest with self...or are these merely dishonest beards that mask who "we" really are.

I started questioning these lovely motivational sayings when two of my FB friends I know well (one who puts her job first and family second and another who has lived a life of lies to herself and others) posted these wonderfully eloquent and thoughtful thoughts  on life, love, and the importance of being true to self and family. It kinda made me want to take a shower. I felt icky. Of course, no one really challenges these words of wisdom because they are so beautiful and well said.  It is like an unwritten social rule that no one challenge or criticize a motivation saying, poster, or thought. Those who "poo poo" on such positive thoughts are seen as negative.

If I were to offer one positive wish to my Facebook friends (as most of them added to their page on New Year's Eve or day) I wish everyone the strength to make this year a year of self awareness. To lift up the covers and see what is underneath. It may be depression, it may be anger and discontent with life. It may even be a life overhaul is necessary...but it is better than treating such emotion with a smearing of positive thinking on Facebook. Make this year the year to ask why AND to find the courage to do something about the answer.

I know I'm going to...unless I find a really witty and positive motivational poster on line that I can share with my Facebook friends.

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