January 14, 2013

Five Steps to Guaranteed Weight Gain!

It wouldn't be January unless I posted about the weight loss focus that always resurfaces at the beginning of a new year. I continue to be a huge proponent of new year's resolutions and believe that the beginning of a new year is one of the best times to start a new regime. It also can add to the pressure of change and lead to huge failures if not done correctly.

As per usual, I'm teaching a weight loss course which hasn't brought in the numbers I thought it would. Interestingly enough, it has brought in those that were on the gimmicky weight loss programs of last year. Those that lost the weight on "herbal magic" or other programs found themselves in my class to lose it the right way...and I'm not one to say "I told you so".

The other night I was over at a friend's for dinner when she proudly announced that her husband had lost 41 pounds drinking shakes and powders and special bars. In my head, I'm screaming "NOOOOOO!" but on the outside I just smiled calmly and shook my head a few times. Why, with all we know, do people continue to buy the diet bars and weight loss programs. Well...in response to what I have been reading, hearing, and witnessing this month, I'm presenting my 5 Steps to Guaranteed Weight Loss (by Kathi Cameron).

Step 1:  Eati highly processed weight loss bars, drinks, powders, and focus on low fat everything.  Weight loss bars and meals are highly loaded with chemicals and crap (not to mention refined carbs) that won't teach you how to eat healthy for life...but will help you lose that fat for a couple of months (and most of your spare change). After that, you will enjoy the feeling of creeping weight gain (and if you're lucky, you'll gain a few extra for good measure).

Step 2:  Spend your time overexercising and hating every minute of it. Most of us (including me not too long ago) spend our January's hitting the gym only to drop out in a few months. We focus on exercise as a weight loss tool and when it doesn't happen, we go back to old behaviours; never picking up the physical activity habit ...until next year.

Step 3:  Get really stressed out and be sure to eat emotionally. Our society is chronically stressed and, by the looks of it, would rather focus on diet and exercise than on stress management. By overlooking this all-important health factor, "we" reach for the foods that comfort us or unconciously snack, or reap the fatty benefits of chronic stress overtime due to hormones that influence weight gain.

Step 4:  Stay up late to watch TV.  Sleep is now being understood as an influence in the war against fat. If you get enough of it, the chances of reaching for the nachos over the carrot are less. But who would want to miss all those late night talk shows to go to bed and get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep? Instead, grab yourself a low fat weight loss bar and settle in on the couch 'till the wee hours of the morning.

Step 5:  Focus intensley on the weight loss and forget about your health. Let's face it, the truth is, our society values looks over health. If it didn't, we wouldn't be celebrating the latest pop-culture icon to lose her baby fat in 2 weeks or worship the silver screen beauty that fits a size -2. So focus on losing that fat everyday and you will benefit from the pressure and expectation that can only lead to failure and more weight gain over time.

There you have it. A little tongue in cheek, but full of truth. Why be a statistic? Focus on health, eat whole foods (avoiding the chemicals), don't believe everything you read, and find a physical activity you enjoy. Be sure to get your sleep and find a plan that works for you to manage your stress during 2013. I gaurantee you will be healthier for it!



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