December 19, 2012

Yoga -ha - ha - ha

Did I mention I am now doing hot yoga? I'm sure, if you are a regular reader, you are sick to death of hearing it...but ya... I'm doing hot yoga.  I still don't consider myself a regular but I was asked to move to the front of the class to serve as an example (or perhaps a warning) for the novices in the back. Of course, I stayed my ground and refused to move.

The most important thing I have learned in yoga, and this came from the mouth of my wise instructor just last week (and is the title of my new book), is....never hold in a fart. That's right. Never. If you think about it, this simple statement could be the metaphor for life itself. As I have witnessed in yoga, holding onto gas isn't on their list of things to do.  Although it has yet to happen to me (I'd be Carrie Bradshaw was when she let one go with Mr. Big...devastated!) it has happened to many of my yoga colleagues.

My problem is holding back the giggles while the rest of them look so serious. It's like, we all heard it...but pretend we didn't hear it. There I sit almost shaking (definately contracting each muscle) to keep my giggles to myself. I carefully look around (so I won't be caught looking around) to see if anyone else is on the edge, but see nothing but extreme focus and determination...and maybe that's my problem.  I need to grow up...but it's hard when the jokes flood into my otherwise empty head.

Then you have those that take their yoga practice so seriously. Does it have to be so serious? Isn't laughter a big part of health and healing? Even the instructor is less serious than some of the participants. But I guess you find that in any class.  I'm sure I look serious to the newbies as I furrow my brow and stare with great determination while I try to balance my entire body weight on one toe.

Any any rate, I love it and I promise I won't laugh at anyone who passes wind in class.

I promise.


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