October 17, 2012

I'm Mad as Hell...(but still have to take it)

...but I remain at the mercy of "the doctor".

I have just come back from visiting my new doctor (my general practitioner) and I'm already considering searching for another. I know it takes a lifetime to find a good one now a days, but it's worth it lest I put up with a bunch of garbage spewed from a guy that has literally 2 minutes to see me (in this case it was about 5).
I knew I shouldn't have done it, but I went on the suggestion of my chiropractor. I have had over two months of back pain that is about to send me spinning. So there I was getting the doc's opinion (I should have known). He didn't ask about my activity level, he didn't ask about my stress level, he asked me to do a few exercises and wrote me up an order for blood work and xrays.
I told him that my plan was to cut out the cardio for a few weeks, but I didn't have a chance to finish my sentence before he jumped on me saying how important cardio is for health (at my age....bastard). I held my tongue. I tried to explain that spinning was my love and I'm looking to find another exercise, but he interrupted me and told me spinning should have no negative effect on my low back. I held my tongue.
After telling him I was a kinesiologist / personal trainer and was designing my own trunk stability exercises, he busted in to tell me I should register for a ball exercise class (where the instructors have less education and experience than I)...but I held my tongue. He then proceeded to give me a prescription of cardio that included 40 minutes; five days per week. He said this as his own 18 month unborn food baby hung out of his pants. He called me skinny (not even aware if I had body issues or not - if he's calling me skinny, you can bet he is calling someone else fat) and mentioned my chiropractor is going to tell me anything to get me into his office. What a big frickin surprise. He also added that chiropractic therapy won't do a thing for a sacro-illiac issue. Really? Funny that, for 20 years I have relied on the kindness of chiro to make me walk again when I was unable to due to my SI joint. But whatever....you are the doctor!

Meanwhile, I learned that women "my age" (I'm starting to hear this a lot lately) all have degeneration in our discs and are at risk for rheumatoid arthritis....no matter what. No matter what I have done to take care of myself...no matter what.
I left that office enraged and upset. I felt old and sickly without much hope for rehabilitation. Of course, I know there is hope and I know I can find the reason behind my pain. I just get a little scared when a doctor (someone I am trusting with my health) tells me things I know not to be true (but because he is the doctor, I cannot debate, argue, or ask questions without a hint of frustration or feeling I am keeping him from other patients).
Now I am fully aware there are amazing doctors out there...I just need to know where they are. I would be very happy to pay for their service (versus going through our medicare program) but I have yet to find one who doesn't tell me I need botox (that was my last doc) or still believes that cholesterol is bad for me. I need a doctor that is up to date with the research (or at least critically thinks) and doesn't believe they know everything about everything. I spent 4 years studying exercise science....science related to exercise (how long did my doc study? and why does he feel he is the expert?).
Maybe he is right and maybe I have rheumatoid arthritis...but perhaps it could be an extreme muscular imbalance due to twenty years of thoughtless exercise. Meanwhile, I continue to go to my massage therapist and chiropractor. I use heat and ice and stretch and focus on core stability and try my best to figure this thing out.

So that's my rant...now I must reheat this bean bag.


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