September 14, 2012

"The Cutting Edge" of Perfect

What does it mean to be "perfect"? What does "perfect" look like? I'm sure, by now, you have already got a person or look in your head....if you don't, tell me your secret. We are bombarded with definitions of perfection everywhere we go. From the grocery store line up magazine racks to the Lululemon clad exercisers at the gym, the strive for perfection is everywhere we look....and isn't it becoming a little bit exhausting?

Yesterday, I read the blog of a women struggling with anorexia. She detailed her feelings of distgust and the steps she takes towards perfecting herself (which includes non stop exercising). It got me thinking about my own exercise behaviour and motives for exercising. Although I have always professed my exercise habits leaning towards the aesthetic, they are changing towards health as I get older. But I did feel a little sad for my "past self" as I looked back on all the hours I spent in the gym and the time I spent disliking the image in the mirror. If I had a bump or jiggle I wasn't good enough. Disordered? I think so. Does it get better? It gets more manageable over time (I think) but you never rid yourself of that thought (at least I don't).

There are many perfectionists out there searching for the perfect house, car, husband, wife, kid, dog, haircut, outfit, and body. I know, when I moved into my "perfect" house not too long ago, I was getting frustrated when someone left something on the counter or dirt on the floor. Luckily, I was able to see this early and didn't lose my head or relationship because of it (although I still react a bit when I see a mess left...but it's a work in progress). The secret to perfection is ...there is no such thing. The perfectionist will never be perfect enough. You can have the car, the house, the family, the looks, and still not have it all. Healthy? Probably not.

There's no such thing as "perfect"!

So what can a perfectionist do about it? This is the question I have been playing with since my own self discovery. For me, it's challenging the notion of perfection and understanding that it originates through our culture and media (and maybe our family). It's truly understanding that no one is expecting perfection....except me. No one cares about that dirt on the floor....except me. I'm the only one disgusted at the sight of my muffin one else (or at least they don't say anything). Nope. Perfection is like a razor that cuts deep until there is nothing left. Just look at the unhappiness, addiction, and distructive behaviour in the celebrity magazines. If that doesn't tell us that money, beauty, and fame isn't the road to happiness...nothing will. The beautiful people of Hollywood (with their sculpted bodies, tanned skin, and stunning wardrobes) are no happier than any of us. But yet, we continue to see people climbing over people to get on reality become the next big thing. Fascinating.

But I digress...

I believe the road to imperfection is paved with a few potholes here and there, but it is possible to shrug off the unrealistic expectations and enjoy a life full of imperfections. In the end, what will I be remembered for? I'm guessing things I have done for others or my "upbeat and positive attitude" (isn't that what everyone says about those that have died?). Right now, I'm thinking I'll be remembered for my surly demeanor and penchant for shit disturbing....but I'm working on that.


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