September 27, 2012

If Eating Meat is Wrong...I Don't Wanna be Right!

Last night I enjoyed one of the best beef tenderloin steaks I have ever had. Grilled to perfection; cut like butter. Did I mention I have been a vegetarian for 30 years? Just recently, I decided to join the largest group of eaters in the world, "the recovering vegetarian". That's right. I joined the ranks of the many who have since realized they feel better with meat in their diet. I'm not talking meat for every meal...just enjoying some cow now and then.

Is eating meat the gold standard in nutrition? The research suggests yes...and the research suggests no. Is chosing a fork over a knife the best for you? Research says yes, and research says no. I'm in awe of how  diets have become the new religion for many people. If you say you eat meat, it's like saying there is no God to many. Emotions heat up, voices rise, and judgements are made. To be honest, I'm getting quite tired of all the preaching.

I'm beginning to think there is no "right" or "wrong" when it comes to diet. If you are feeling energetic and don't get sick more than normal (about 1-2 colds a year may be average...but I'm no doctor). I'm thinking your diet is good for you. But then we have to concern ourselves with the long term effects now (stupid long term effects). We have studied those that live for over 100 years; asking them what they eat and don't eat. We know vegetables are good for us and can influence heart health...but there is such a debate about meat (and dairy).  I feel for the average person who wants to make a healthy choice.

Who was it that said, "Everything in moderation...including moderation"? I think that says it all. We can stress ourselves out with all the research and debate out there around food. Many have turned into hyper-vigilant food natzis who not only chose for themselves, but chose for others (or judge them at least). If you are fortunate enough to have a choice (as many people living under the poverty line do not) and you chose meat, pasta, quinoa, rice, or a diet free from all's your choice; it's your body. Isn't it?

I am very happy with my choice to reunite with the cow. Of course, if doesn't hurt to know where it comes from, what it ate, how it was treated, and such. If you have access to healthy and happy animals you are fortunate.  I think it is a great idea to educate yourself on various diets and research, but watch you don't gravitate to the research that only supports your belief and ignore those that challenge it. The China Study, for example, has interesting points to make, but the research that challenges it is also very strong. That's critical thinking. That's Real Life Health.


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