August 17, 2012

Remembering the Good Old Days...

Today I am missing the way things were.  Things like customer service. I feel I notice good customer service more and more because there isn't enough of it these days. It's getting to the point that if someone says please and thank you (coupled with a sincere smile), I get all excited and it's some special occurance.

Remember when you could walk down to the corner store (vs. asking your parents for a ride) and spend your allowance on Pixie Sticks, Fun Dip, licorice, and gumballs (oh..and remember Bottle Caps?) without the stares or judgements or fears of obesity from the grown ups? Candy was candy and it was assumed kids would get into it; where you could walk out of the store full bag of candy in hand...for only 10 cents (where's the cent thingy on the keyboard?).

Remember when parents kicked their kids out of the house and demanded they stay out until dusk? We knew it was time to come in when the porch light went on. Otherwise, we were wandering the neighbourhoods, playing softball, hanging by the outdoor pool, or at the beach with our friends. Our real friends, not texting them or facebooking them...but being with them.

Today I am dreaming of summers as a kid. Waking up to the sound of the sprinklers in the park and sun through the window. Jumping out of bed knowing the entire day was mine; looking forward to spending it with my friends. Not concerned with the shape of my body and how it looked in the bathing suit I wore all day long and not even thinking there could be a predator around the corner in a van waiting to grab me.

If you are around my age or older, you will also remember "the good old days". When finding a penny on the ground meant something and hearing your favorite song on the radio made your day.  I miss riding in the back of a truck without worry or "doubling" on my bike or rollerskating (remember the first clamp on rollerskates...the metal ones?...I don't miss those) without a helmet.

Of all the things I miss, I think the thing I miss most is our lack of frenzied concern for nutrition (i.e. the latest research study or chemicle or link to disease). We had white bread and butter on the table every night paired with a peice of meat, one vegetable, and potato. We enjoyed our desserts, ate three square meals a day, and never concerned ourselves with bringing foods containing nuts to school. Never once did I evaluate a bag of chips for transfats, calories, or I don't even eat chips (what's wrong with this picture?).

Some of these changes are good...I guess, but many have taken away from the simple life. A life without fear of cancer or dementia; a life that doesn't include consuming or needing the latest gizmo. Yup...I'm really missing the old days today.

So, as a tribute to the ways things were, I'm going home and making a grilled cheese with white bread, butter, and fake cheese (and a handful of plain chips on the side). I'm washing it down with a couple of Pixy Sticks and will follow up with a slushie and Vodka (ahhhh...yes, I remember high school well).


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