July 25, 2012

Belly Fat, Cellulite, and Muffin Tops....oh my!

Okay, I'm done reading about what I can eat to get rid of belly fat. I'm equally sick of reading, hearing, and seeing advertisements, pills, and creams that will remove my cellulite.  It's all a bunch of malarky!

According to the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy, more than 98% of women have cellulite! The same women also have boobs, hips, and all the rest that make them a woman. It is not a skin disease, abnormal, or unhealthy. It's just one of the things that comes from being a woman (oh yey...lucky us).

I knew the word "cellulite" was invented by the beauty industry, but I didn't realize it originated from Vogue magazine on April 15, 1969. This was the first mass introduction to the term (thank you Vogue....you are always there when a woman needs you) and the first of many to wage the war on our dimple fat. Although the medical community used this term to describe a secondary sex characteristic, the media jumped on it and created a frenzy of fear and a demand for creams, soaps, tights, and everything else promised to rid the body of this evil. Cool, eh?

The bad news is (if you are one in search of "the cure") there is nothing that can get rid of cellulite. Even those with little fat on their bodies have cellulite (as all those celebrity magazines so cruelly magnify). If you are a woman....there's no getting around it. I get so mad when I think about all those creams, lotions, body wraps, and crap that promise cellulite reduction. All the money women waste on the hopes of getting rid of something that is a part of being a woman. Not to mention the fact we are supporting an industry that tells us that part of us is ugly, diseased, and abnormal (screw you fashion magazines!).

Then we have the diets that promise to target our belly fat. Knowing what I do about the physiology of fat, how the hell does a food target a specific body part, like the belly. It's impossible! When we lose fat we lose it everywhere (note: it's usually the part you want gone the most that will be the last place you lose it...it's nature's cruel joke). We also lose fat inter muscularly (within the muscle) and viscerally (the deep stuff that surrounds the organs). Interestingly enough, the deep stuff is what may be harmful to our health...not the stuff under the skin. The fat that makes it hard to do up our pants in the morning is subcutaneous fat (under the skin)...but we have fat in more places than that. So when we lose it, we lose it everywhere....not just the belly.

There are no foods, creams, pills, or powders that can target specific fat deposits (sorry....don't hate me).

In the end, (here comes the usual message of Real Life Health) eating whole, healthy foods and going for daily walks is going to do all the good things to your body you need to be healthy. You may lose fat, you may not...but remember fat does not create illness, chronic disease and an early death. Meanwhile, you can save your money for something more fun...like a pony or a bottle of bubbles.

....after saying all that, I still want to get rid of my muffin top.



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  2. Um...thanks for your comment, Micheel01;

    I don't mean to sound disrespectful but....did you even read the above article? There is no cream to rid the body of cellulite and there is no such thing as cellulite.

    I appreciate the fact you are selling something and want to find an appropriate venue to do so. That said, I'm hoping the readers on this blog are not interested.

    ...but again, thanks for your "comment"....I guess.

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