May 18, 2012

Weight Loss Pills Don't Work!

 I don't know how many times I have had a visitor to my office asking my opinion about this pill or that powder that speeds up the weight loss process (not that I don't appreciate being asked or the visit). When I was younger, and had the energy, I would listen intently, keepi my mind open, and follow up with a research report on said drug or powder. Now, I just repeat over and over again, "Weight loss pills and powders don't work!" with my fingers in my ears shouting la-la-la-la-la-la. I'm kinda done with it.

First of all...if you think she got this fat-free just by cutting calories and reaching for that apple..think again. Second of all...women who are this lean stop menstruating (also known as amenorhorea). This can cause bones to lose density and become brittle. the time she hits 35 (if she isn't there already) she could find herself looking much different (an osteoporotic hunchback comes to mind).  Third, to get looking like this, you know she does not lead a balanced life. This takes sacrifice and leads to emptiness and depression once you realize you cannot hold onto it.

So the other day, when a young gentleman plopped himself in front of me and told me about this amazing drug that his friend's friend, Pete's sister's cousin told him about, I respectfully listened (doing a few internal eye rolls here and there) and responded with my usual rant, "Weight loss pills and powders don't work!"

"But", he said all puffed up and proud, "I have already lost my muffin top and it's only been two weeks".

Here's the thing....I'm very sure that there are pills and powders that can help a person loose fat. Some of which, I am aware, are banned in Canada and have caused death in the US. It's not the short term weight loss I'm talking's what happens after you run out of pills.

The following are basics questions to ask yourself before deciding to reach for artificial weight loss....

Question 1:  Can you continue taking this pill safely for the rest of your life?

Question 2:  Is there proof (via non-biased, peer reviewed, research..and lots of it) that the ingredients in this product are safe AND combined with the other ingredients in this product won't lead to heart problems, the growth of a third eye or any gross and embarrassing discharge or leakage?

Question 3:  Do you already exercise (based upon your age and goals), eat a diet rich in veggies, low in processed foods and sugar, and have done so for over 6 months?

If you have answered "no" to one or all of these not buy or ingest anything that promises speedy fat loss. The answer is simple. Until science has produced (long term) results that show their pill offers no side effects, is safe and doesn't harm the body overtime (and are doing so under their own steam and not the financial support of the drug company or weight loss companies - Note: Weight Watchers financially supports a lot of weight loss research)....there is no drug on the market that will help you lose fat and keep it off for the rest of your life.

If you believe there is a pill out there to make you thin for I have a fat jiggler machine to sell ya!

So if you chose to donate your body to science; to use drugs that promise fast weight loss, do so at your own risk. But please refrain from telling your best friend's mother's sister's friend Susan that this is the best way to loose that muffin top quick and could be doing more harm than good.

Oh...and if I do run across a miracle drug that does all that and is healthy for you...believe me, I will tell you (after purchasing a lifetime supply myself...I'm still waiting for that exercise pill).



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  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Adleerity;

    The best way to get health and nutrition is whole foods (no matter how well tested and tried a product is). However, if one is unable to ...other products can take the place (albeit not as well as the real thing).

    Thank you for visiting this blog. I hope to hear from you again.