May 24, 2012

The Weight Loss Bitch Slap

As there are no such thing as unicorns...same goes for
life long weight loss! Or is it?  Perhaps the way we have
gone about it isn't working, but I still think there is a
way to lose that fat for life! I've seen it just takes
longer than 8-12 weeks. 
I managed to catch an article in the paper the other day that presented the frustration of Canadian (and probably American) Dr's with regards to "counseling" their patients on weight loss.  Evidently (and no big surprise) the docs aren't being that influential. OMG...I don't know why? Shouldn't just shaming someone or telling them they need to drop a few be enough? (note the sarcastic tone here). If not, you could throw in a dirty look or a judgemental shake of the head....maybe that would slap 'em back into reality (note the really sarcastic tone here).

Based upon the rising stats of weight gain coupled with the lack of results in their clients, I do believe the good doctors are throwing in the stethoscope (and rectal thermometer for good measure). Unfortunately, the reality of weight loss suggests that even if one does drop a significant amount of weight, the weight will (and does) creep up overtime. In other words, weight lost is really weight gained. So they (the good docs everywhere) are asking a very important question...."should we lose the weight talk and pick up the conversation on physical activity and healthy eating instead?"  Hells ya!  The article went on to highlight that perhaps a conversation on health rather than fat loss would be more beneficial to the participant?  Ya think?

It isn't rocket's rocket psychology!

I guess the most depressing of all the facts on weight loss is the low rate of weight loss success. If one does succeed at dropping large amounts of weight, the chances of that weight finding it's way back is very high (your fat cells are really akin to the lost cat story where the animal marches across country to find its' owner...your fat is kinda like that - at least it feels like that). It is only a small few that manage to change their silhouette for the rest of their lives (stupid facts! stupid reality!).

So what is one to do when faced with that weight loss reality bitch slap? Focus on health! A focus on health, as the research suggests, leads to weight loss overtime but isn't the main objective. Thereby creating a lifestyle that is enjoyable, realistic, and permanent. Take your time introducing yourself to new behaviours such as grocery shopping (it sounds silly, but I believe most of us need to learn how to grocery shop for health vs. processed food-like groceries masked as "health food"). Taking time to learn how to cook (and cook efficiently) is a skill that needs attention. Give yourself time; take a year or two.

Today, as I was facilitating my weight loss course, a gentleman came up with the most realistic and amazing weight loss goal I have ever heard of. Instead of a 2 lb a week loss, try a 2 lb a month loss! In one year, you will have losted (losted? ya....i'z college educated) at least 24 lbs (that is more than the average weight loss participant....and has a greater chance at permanence than any weight loss program, pill, or powder).
Snap out of it! It's all about health!

Stop beating yourself up when you fall off the wagon. Stop the feelings of guilt as you open that big and beautiful bag of chippy goodness. Stop calling yourself "out of control" or "lazy" when you don't get up off the couch or find yourself eye to beautiful eye with cupcake. As I said before (and will say over and over again). THAT is self-flagellation (and/or disgust) and THAT is worse for your health than anything else.

Do the best you can for your health, realize that you don't need to be a size (insert dream size here) and you will start feeling lighter instantaneously....I promise.


Footnote: I realize that it is way easier to say than to do. But I do suggest you give it at try.


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