May 15, 2012

Weighing In on Watching Weight

How many started the day off by
jumping on this? Be careful not
to let the scale determine the mood
for the day. Weight watching tends
to have this effect on us....
Today I had a chance to peruse my favorite recipe blog to see if there was something that peaked my culinary interest. As I scrolled through her recent posts, I noticed one that caught my eye. This blog post detailed her recent weight gain (not to mention her self disgust).  Like most of us, this very popular weight loss blogger fell off her wagon and ended up 16 pounds heavier. So the frick what?

But it gets even more interesting, she is a Weight Watcher's Leader. I guess, as such, she is supposed to keep her weight "in check".  These leaders have to weigh in and answer to their creeping obesity when it happens. Sounds pretty exhausting to me, but to each her own. At any rate, she has now re-established her commitment to her weight on her blog. Of course, being as popular as she is (not that I'm jealous or anything) she has many, many readers who comment daily. Reading the tone in their comments, they sound like they all come from the same family. I guess in the circle of weight loss, it can seem that way.

After reading about ten of them, I started to note one thing; one specific pattern that started to emerge. They all did Weight Watchers, they all gained the weight back, and almost all of them continue to go to their weekly meetings. What does Weight Watchers (or any weight loss program) love more than anything? Return customers (cha-ching)!  What's wrong with this picture?

So instead of posting my own comment on her blog (and risk being cyber stocked by a bunch of angry weight watchers), I thought I would post on my own blog (where it is safe, warm, and damn it...people like me - most of the time).  Weight Watchers, like the rest of the weight loss schemes out there, doesn't work for long term weight loss.  I am sorry if I'm offending anyone out there...but that's the cold, hard truth (research will back me up on this).

When you are watching your weight you are less likely to succeed at life long weight loss than those that integrate health into their lives.  Of course, there is always going to be a few success stories...but the reality of it is they are few and far between.  The fact is, focusing on every calorie you take in and every calorie your burn is not only exhausting and boring, but doesn't work at keeping it off for life....and isn't it expensive? Don't you have to pay for meetings and memberships? Now you have the chance to purchase pre packaged special food that says "weight watchers" on it. Funny thing is, if you read the ingredients list on these boxes, they are loaded with chemicals. Is that health? Is that real life? I don't think so...(but then you probably picked that up already).
A kid born in a weight watching
family, may begin watching her
weight very early in life. Why
would you ever want this for your
child; a life defined by the scale?
I'm just sayin'.........

On the other hand, Weight Watchers offers a social support network that has been shown in research to really have positive effects on weight loss success. So who am I to say? All I know is I meet more people who have been lifers in Weight Watchers than any other kind of member.

What does that tell you?

I say take a year, learn to cook healthy meals, learn what a serving size is, get in the habit of meal planning, start processed food rehab, get off the refined carbs, and go for a 30 minute walk each night. In one year you won't recognize yourself...and saved yourself time, money, and frustration.

..and that's all I got!  K

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