April 30, 2012

Feeling BAD is GOOD!

It's the best form of birthday
Two weeks ago, I was visiting my sister and her family in Victoria. I always look forward to a glass of wine and a good conversation and that's exactly what I got...(along with the chips, the pasta, the cheese, and about 4 slices of birthday cake).  What followed the next morning was enough for me to learn my lesson once and for all (or at least any self-respecting person would think so). I felt crappy. I felt bloated, logy, sick, tired, and looked like an aging Hollywood child-star from the 40's (I'm thinking....."What Ever Happened to Baby Jane" kinda look).

Never again! I proclaimed as I started to cut myself a piece of breakfast birthday cake. What's wrong with me? Does it have to get really bad to get better? I believe it does for many people including myself...hence, my blog for the day.

Yesterday, while leaving the office, I ran into one of my favorite people en route to the gym. She told me stories of her own feelings of crappiness and her own gluttonous experiences (interestingly enough, it was fueled by a birthday as well). She ended by explaining how bad she felt and how much she missed eating healthy and being physical active.  "That's great!" I exclaimed....only to have her look at me like I had just eaten a small bug off the tree next to us (I don't know, it just came to me, please don't judge).

I believe the process of behaviour change begins with making small changes and may even lead to long term change over one month or two. But somewhere down the road, we will always have that one night or one instance where all hell will break lose and we will revert to our old eating habits (....and have a frickin great time doing it). The best thing about these times is, not only the opportunity to learn from them, but the opportunity to feel what you used to feel like all the time. Only now it feels worse because you have felt so good over the last few months (are you picking up what I'm puttin' down?).

While this is a pretty good visual of change,
it needs to be elaborated somewhat to include
all those times you are going to revert to the
old ways of doing things. Eventually, you
will find happiness...but it may take a few
chocolate hangovers first (not that I know
anything about that....)

Since my own debauchery, I have limited my wine intake and have gone through birthday cake detox...but I'm sure there will many future opportunities to fill myself with flour, sugar, and fat. Just remember what Scarlett O'Hara once said....no matter what, tomorrow is another day (God bless you, Scarlett).  As I've said before somewhere in the archives of this fabulous, yet under read, blog; just pick yourself up, dust off the ice sugar, wipe off the chocolate and begin again.  Change takes time and the most important learning experiences are the times you fall off your wagon.  Just be sure to enjoy the fall!


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