April 12, 2012

Easter Egg Detox

Is there anything more beautiful?
I just spent 60 minutes responding to an "Opinion" article I just read in my local rag. Why do I do it? For the fame and fortune that comes with a published letter to the editor? If I was paid a penny for every letter I have written in my life, I wouldn't have to work. Nope...my heart rate literally went up when I read this article entitled "Give kids the gift of health". The paper itself (the press) wrote it and stated the simple facts behind eating crap and sitting on the couch....laziness and lack of will.

Seriously, as I was writing my response, my blood pressure went up (even though technically speaking you can't feel it), my heart rate was in my training zone...and for what? I will probably be writing the same letter 20 years from now (if the couch and hot buttered popcorn don't kill me first). 

My letter just reiterated the point that there are so many reasons behind our health behaviours we cannot simply say it is laziness or lack of will power.  Take me for example. This past weekend, I was happy to sit on my bum and shove little tiny Easter eggs into my mouth. Knowing that I would feel like crap later (which I did) and knowing that I would add more fat in my fat cells (which I did) and knowing that it would just be harder to get back to my healthy behaviours (which it was)...why did I do it? I didn't stop there either...oh no...I enjoyed take out pepperoni pizza along with bottles of wine (shared of course). I ate baguettes and brie (my man friend had just returned from Paris..so what was a woman-friend to do?). I participated in taking apart a seemingly innocent (extra large) bag of movie theatre popcorn and a full-sugar Pepsi (in fact, I had order a sugar-free...but fate intervened). Seriously....if I can't make a permanent lifestyle change who can?

I see Easter Eggs!
Of course, I got right back on that wagon when the work week started, but feeling less than positive. Why do I fall so hard? I don't think it is deprivation. It certainly is social support with a hint of hormones (stupid frickin hormones) but why can't I just enjoy a tiny, single serving package of Easter eggs instead of reaching for the bucket (...seriously, I found a bucket at Walmart for 50% off)? I have no clue. I don't pretend to know, but one day - as God is my witness - I will find the answer.

Until then, I manage my wagon mishaps with the understanding of how it can happen to anyone. Our health professionals will continue to call us "lazy" or "out of control" or "unmotivated" but we know there are so many other (more detailed and academically supported) reasons behind what we do. I also believe that in every closet sits a health and fitness professional with their own hands in the chip bag...but they may never admit to it.

So, for now, I will let my freak flag fly high and just say that anyone who can relate to my story of gluttony and sloth - you are not alone!

So beautiful; yet so sinister.
Now I must begin my chocolate detox (yet again). This time it may take a while as I can see a candy dish full of them from here.


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