February 3, 2012

Today Exercise and Veggies Suck!

Now if I fell asleep on the bike,
I'd be drooling and looking
a lot less attractive...but I feel
your lethargy sista!
Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you're 80 years old? I'm having one of those days. This is also the time where you would hear some irritatingly happy cheerleader for fitness say "oh go workout and you'll feel better....you will get your energy back!"  Well, I'm here to tell ya that that is just a bunch of hooey sometimes...and that's okay.

Yes, exercise does energize and "we" usually feel better after it, but sometimes (those times when only a bowl of hot buttered popcorn and a good movie will do) you just gotta say "no" to exercise. In the spirit of a Nike quote...just don't do it!

 I have to admit, lately I have been less than excited about my workouts.I need excitement. I need group dynamic. I need energizing music.  It is a fact that boredom is one of the reasons why we drop out of exercise altogether. That and lack of social support. In addition, studies have looked at the power of music in exercise and suggest that those that exercise to tunes will burn more calories and enjoy their workouts more.  For me, I'm just bored.

I dragged my ass to the elliptical for 30 minutes and after 10 was negotiating with myself that 20 was enough. I then proceeded to the weight room where I found a reason to avoid a certain exercise and leave early to lie on the floor for a while....stretching is my favorite thing right now (or at least lying on the floor with my eye closed is).

There are times when you would rather stick your hand in hot oil than go for a workout or eat a salad...for me, today is one of them.  This is the reality of behaviour change or healthy living, sometimes acting "healthy" isn't going to cut it. Sometimes you need that time you would be exercising to slip into a hot bath with a glass of red wine and a good book.  Sometimes you need to stop off at the gas station for a bag of chips. When this happens to you, no matter what, never feel guilty, never apologize, and never make excuses. You will get back to the healthy stuff.....just not now.

We all need a break, a rest, a plate of nachos, or a hot bath. Take one of my clients for example, she and I were working on a healthy eating plan when all of a sudden she experienced one of life's fast ones. Those things that blindside us, that kick the crap out of us, and that certainly don't make us want to choose veggies over fish and chips.  My suggestion to her was to leave this healthy eating stuff and focus on self-care; do what she had to do to feel better (and you know what? sometimes emotional eating does help...and sometimes there is a place for that no matter what nutritionist or researcher says about it).

 So in light of this post and my feelings of lethargy due to perceived "old age", I'm signing off to pop a bowl of corn, plug in a DVD, hide under a comforter and maybe even poor a glass of wine (watch out world, Kathi is going crazy!). There's a time for healthy eating and exercise...but as God is my witness, the time isn't now.

Have a rejuvenating weekend!


  1. Wow what a nice post. I am impressed from this post.

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  2. Thank you for you kind comments Laith Salma. I really appreciate hearing from you and hope to again soon.