February 7, 2012

Same Movie; Different Perspective

I could so see myself befriending
a volleyball if I were stranded on
a desert island.
I am a movie fanatic. I must have over 400 DVDs in my collection. I started collecting when Columbia was still in business. Remember Columbia? You could order, like, 12 cassette tapes for free and then have to purchase a new one every month for so many years? Yup. That's how I started my collection. My theme has always been meaningful movies...but then there's my horror collection and my fabulous 80's theme (all the greatest from the 80's...About Last Night, St. Elmos Fire, Breakfast Club..remember?) ANYWAY...I digress....

I just finished watching Castaway for the 23th time but this time it took on a whole new meaning for me.  I don't remember the last time I watched it; maybe two years ago or so. It was during the last scenes when he is rescued (oops..I guess that is what you call a "spoiler alert" for anyone left on the planet who hasn't seen this movie).  It always breaks my heart when Kelly doesn't leave "Mr Big" (ya..same guy from Sex and the City) and join her long lost love (the castaway guy, Chuck)...but this time "Chuck's" monologue with his work buddy meant more to me than ever before. Could it be my perspective has changed? Could it be the wisdom that comes (or is supposed to come) with age? I don't know. But this scene was all about faith. Faith that no matter how bad your present is...your future could hold anything.  Anything is possible if you just continue to breath in and out. This is the message that I never got until now. Maybe I just slept through that part every other time.

At any rate, I immediately applied it to health behaviour change, to crappy life events, to feeling nothing is going to get any better and couldn't wait to write my thoughts down.  I have been in situations where I never thought it was going to get any better. I was in a marraige that I thought was the rest of my life. I was living in another situation years later (funny enough with another dysfunctional man) that I never thought would improve. I couldn't see myself breaking out of the mundane office jobs and relentless coffee breaks.....but things did improve and I did break free. The mantra that held my head together was this, "This is my present, this is not my future." I said it over and over again when I felt that pang of being stuck. In fact, today I still use this as a way of getting over the fear of the present situation. 

Having faith (and keeping it) while you are trying to make a healthy change is also very important. Have you ever felt tired of veggies or exercise and left feeling like it "isn't working". Like what you are doing is a waste of time because you aren't seeing or feeling the results? I know what this feels like...I get it. These are the most important times to have a little faith in the process. To trust that what you are doing will make a difference and you will get there...you just have to keep it up. Keep breathing in and out.  That is why chosing to change a behaviour for the sake of better health is going to serve you well. If we are doing something purely for the weight loss, we may feel more disillusioned or dissapointed when we feel it isn't happening. Again, trust the process....it will happen.  Conversley, if we change for health we may be more inclined to feel healthy sooner and continue our motivation through the change.

Seriously..how funky is this guy? Okay,
maybe the long knife-fingers could get in
the way of a potentially fulfilling friendship
but you gotta admit, as serial monstersgo..
he's pretty sexy (and let's not overlook
his amazing sense of humour).  Not unlike
 the creature from "Jeepers Kreepers"
...he's got serious swagger!
At any rate, if you haven't watched "Castaway" lately it may be time to revisited it.  You may find the meaning changes depending upon how your percieve it. Next, I will watch the 80's version of Nightmare of Elm St. Perhaps Freddy will take on a more existential meaning than just being a creepy burnt up guy with the "wicked" sense of fashion. 


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