February 19, 2012

Real Life Fitness

So I'm back from a week in Mexico. I love Mexico. The people are uber friendly (no matter what the media suggests) and the food is always great (I could live off of strawberry margaritas, nacho chips, and guacamole). As much as I have only learned "thank you" and "how much", the Mexican people try their hardest to speak English...despite my laziness. Gracias.

Did I exercise....absolutely not (oh ya..I did find a spin bike for about 15 minutes and then laid on the ground for the following 30). Did I stave off refined carbohydrates? Are you kidding? As soon as our eyes met, the sugar donuts and I became fast friends. Did I give a crap? Nope. It was a week and I forgot I was a health promoter...and loved it.

A Mexican outdoor kitchen in a small villiage .
I was, however, very appreciative of my health and fitness when spending days on excursions that demanded a basic level of fitness. From horse back riding to hiking, my man friend and I had no problems navigating the terrain no mater what the challenge (unlike over 95% of our travel mates).  Most people were huffing and puffing or unable to participate altogether because of fitness and immobility issues.  Not only was I appreciative of my own fitness level, I got to see what life would be like if I didn't exercise daily (I cannot wait to get back to it again on Monday). Real life fitness is about mobility without much effort, pain, or discomfort. It means you are able to move and climb without coughing up a lung. There is no reason why we cannot keep a healthy level of fitness and mobility until the day we die. That, to me, is the definition of fitness. It's not about looking good naked....even though I get the motive. It really is about overcoming life's physical challenges with ease and grace (with maybe the odd clumsy stumble or fall...but whatever).

 Meanwhile, I can't say I'm not happy about being back in Canada. The moment we touched down on Vancouver Island I was so thankful I live here. The water is clean out of the tap, the weather is fresh (albeit a little chilly), the roads are well maintained and the drivers (mostly) drive like they want to live to see the next day. We have it pretty nice here and I always feel very fortunate when I come home. 

Okay...so there was this animal rehab zoo at our resort and this one monkey would always be on the loose after spending the night escaping.  I caught this pic of him on top of the roof one night...sneaky little monkey. I guess the rehab wasn't working....he he.
So tomorrow is Monday and I prepare to teach (ironically) my alcohol and drug awareness course (with the remnants of strawberry margarita still coursing through my vascular system). I don't feel ready for reality, but I do feel happy to be going back....even if I can't fit into my work pants.

He was a novelty at first and then expected dinner guest after a while.

Finally, he is no longer my man-friend, but my fiance.  After four years of careful dating, we finally got engaged!


  1. Welcome home Kathi. Congrats. Cannot wait to catch up! K

  2. Tank you for that nice post, 666. I can't wait either. I'll email in real life to set something up soon. Hope things are going well for ya!!! K