February 2, 2012

He's says Wheat Belly; I say Food Baby!

It all started by my innocent download of a Netflix documentary entitled, "Fat Head" http://www.fathead-movie.com/.  The events that transpired after have blown my pea sized brain in a million little pieces.  Since watching said movie, "FH", I have ordered and read of one the three books; "Good Calories; Bad Calories".  I am now reading "Wheat Belly" and will move onto "The Great Cholesterol Con" shortly. 
This is a great read, but it took me a month to get through. The author does a great job reviewing the research, but sometimes it made it very hard to get through.  I highly recommend it if you are interested in the "behind the scenes" reasons why we believe what we believe.

I'm just a few chapters in, but already can't put it down. The author begins by examining how wheat is processed, arguing that it may not even be suitable for human consumption. It sure aint the same wheat our great grandparents enjoyed.  It may turn you off bread forever....already...maybe not forever...

I haven't picked this one up yet, but have reviewed the chapters a bit. It appears everything we knew about cholesterol also has another story...man, this critical thinking stuff is exhausting!
I believe there is a place in the Bible that suggests ignorance is bliss. I know it's there somewhere, I've read it. There is something to be said for ignorance...especially once you have read something that goes against everything you know to be true. This has been my experience with my own research into the evils of wheat.  I'm sure you (the general you) already know this, but for some reason I didn't think it was as important to health as it is. Sure, my Naturapath suggested I cut out gluten, but I thought that was more of a  joke than a real life suggestion. I mean, who would want to do that?

Now, I'm no biochemist, but from what I understand refined carbohydrates such as breads (and yes, most whole wheat, and grain breads are under this umbrella - I know....it shocked me too), rices, pastas, and potatoes (and many other foods) increase the sugar in the blood after ingestion. I believe the author of "Wheat Belly" stated that two pieces of brown bread had the same effect on the blood sugar as did a chocolate bar. God...what have I been thinking, I'd chose that chocolate bar any day.

Once the blood sugar has increased, insulin comes in to save the day and basically packs that glucose tightly into the fat cells. Nice. We keep providing the sugar, insulin keeps packing it away. Conversely, we stop spiking the blood sugar and not only does this NOT happen, but our fat stores are slowly used as fuel for energy and that precious little food baby is but a faint memory.

So since watching the movie, I have slowly refined my diet and have rid my kitchen (and myself) of breads, rices, pastas, and potatoes (this also includes chips and popcorn - my favorite thing....but no one will tell me I can't have a glass of red wine a night! They will have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.). I didn't find it that difficult really but what did suck was eating bread again without thinking about it. After a few weeks gluten free a pepperoni pizza found its way into my mouth and what occurred after that shall not be posted. Let's just say my pepperoni food baby was wanting out real bad.  In fact, I was so sick I'm now motivated to never do that again. Very Pavlovian and very effective (not to mention too gross for a blog).

I apologize to all you scientist out there shaking your heads at my dismal attempt at explaining the biochemistry of it all...I tried my best. At any rate, I highly recommend these books. I'm fascinated by the research and why the food guide (both Canadian and American) has suggested breads and cereals when there is no research to say this is good for us. It's criminal really.  Just as we were fooled into believing that being overweight or obese will lead to chronic disease (a load of crap); so to are we lead to believe we need so many servings of grains and cereals.

If you do decide to eliminate refined carbohydrates from your diet start slowly and be sure to replace it with something else. I have stumbled on a recipe for feaux rice that rocks and the same recipe makes the best crust for pizza along with bread sticks. I also offered a blog post on how to cook, plan, and eat well without spending too much time organizing meals. See "The Salad Days are Here". It includes pictures of the salads I have brought to work. My morning routine of making a cheese omelet with spinach and tomato along with making a salad full of avocado, olives, cheese, and last night's meat only takes me 10 minutes tops. Trust me...it doesn't take much to eat like this and "as God as my witness...you'll never go hungry again!" (Anyone? Does anyone know the origin of that quote? Any movie buffs out there?)

Before I end, I just want to highlight the fact that, in no way am I offering nutritional advice. I'm just a health promoter who has trusted the nutritionists too much and is now just understanding what healthy eating is all about. I just wanted to share that with you.

Thanks for reading!

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