February 21, 2012

Are You Nomophobic?

Now a'days it is perfectly normal to expect our cell phones to
work while hiking in the woods or sitting on a beach. If they
don't however, all hell may break loose!
Do you break into a cold sweat when finding yourself without your cell phone? Does your heart rate increase after realizing you have left that appendage at home? Have you already wondered if there is cell phone service in heaven? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from "nomophobia"... a brand new phobia coined by our smart, talented and very creative health experts.

Evidently, there has been another poll that found over 65% suffer from a "crippling fear" of being away from their cell phone. That's a lot of people. I have to admit, after finally succumbing to the intoxication and siren's song of the iPhone and what it can do....I have gone out for lunch with it sitting on the table (something I said I would "never" do). I have been caught peering into its' hypnotizing eye more often than not at the airport (something I always made fun of when I was one of the few without a smart phone). I hate to admit it, but even in Mexico, I would visit the lobby, offering complimentary WiFi, to check my Facebook and emails. But am I a nomophobic? I would say no. Ironically, I never use the phone...only the fancy gadgets.

The seriousness, however, of any phobia is the fact that it is a controlling factor in your life. Something that is getting in the way of your healthy functionality (is that a word or did I just make that up?). If you are nomophobic, perhaps this is a good time to do something about it? Slowly ween yourself off or only carry the cell with you during specific times of the day. I, myself, am keeping a watch over my own cell phone habits. It is always turned off in the theatre, I will never (or try real hard) make a real human being wait for me to be through with a call or text. I will never (or try real hard) choose my phone over my family, and I will always try to remember that only a few months ago (less than a year) I managed my life fine without one.

For any of you not aware of what the "hobo" spider looks like,
I thoughtfully include this pic. No, he doesn't carry a stick with
a handkerchief full of belongings or sit on the side of the tracks
waiting to hop into a car. He does look evil and sinister though.
I've only had two run ins with a hobo and they both ended with
body parts flying (his not mine). Note: if you are going to throw
a heavy book at one, make sure you are a good shot.
Now my arachnophobia is another story. I can freeze in one place for hours on end if a wolf or hobo spider is in the same room as me. I have been known to call someone at the wee hours of the night (not unlike Annie Hall called Woody Allen in "Annie Hall") to kill a spider. Although I have soften a little and now can no longer kill them....I can be brought to tears of fear watching one slowly crawl across the floor.

But that's another blog post altogether.....


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