January 2, 2012

This is what (I think) I know...

What do I know? I know there's
nothing like a mince meat tart
and a glass of Australian Shiraz.
Happy 2012! Do you feel any different? I don't....just a little softer and more dopey. Sitting around eating crackers and cheese will do that. But I do I regret any of it? Whatever! As I was sitting around the cabin (yes, me and my man-friend cozied up in a cabin for three days on an island off Vancouver Island....no phone, no TV..only a jacuzzi tub for two) listening to music and reading, I came upon a song on my itunes list called "Everybody Wear Sunscreen". Remember that one? I think it came out in 2000 and was written by a women who addressed a high school grad class. It was so cool they made it into a song. Anyway...if you haven't heard it...put that on your "to do" list.

It did start me thinking about the list I would make after my 43 years on earth. I mean, what have I really learned and what could I pass on to the grad class of 2012 (should by some miracle of God, I ever be asked to address such a group). What would your list be like? So far, this is what I know....

Life isn't a series of compartments.
What I mean is life isn't about graduation, then university, then marriage, then kids, then career...yadda yadda yadda. Life shouldn't be based upon stages or compartments but be about doing what is right and true for you (oh God...sorry about the Oprah-esque feel to that last sentence).  Go to school in your 50's. Have kids later or don't have them at all. Don't get married and feel really good about it. Move. Change jobs. Whatever you do...don't get mired down in so much debt that you trade things for choice!
I know I waited until I was 40
to find the perfect guy...

Become self-aware as early into life as possible.
The people I tend to respect the most are those that are able (and eager) to examine their own beliefs and judgements. They aren't afraid to examine some of the tough stuff to get to living well. These people are the happiest, most well adjusted (if that's the right way of putting it) people I know. Do not be afraid to face the sadness and the fear...they will lose their power if you look straight at them.

Do not buy into what pop culture is selling.
It has taken me 43 years to learn this one, but I think I have a stronger grasp on it now. I don't know if it is because I'm older or if it's because I got rid of cable, but I no longer work towards being like someone else. I don't spend a fortune on the latest wardrobe or worry about the latest wrinkle on my face because I'm told old means unattractive. In fact, I'm pretty disgusted by what's on TV now and who people are paying attention to in the news (i.e. We all know what the Kardashians did last week, but did you know there were two new countries added to our global map this year?). It's exhausting trying to keep up with what the media tells us to be like, to look like, to earn like, or to talk like so why are we doing it? We would be happier, wealthier, more aware, and less depressed if we turned off the noise.

Everyone is after the same thing in life.
This one I still have trouble remembering sometimes. No matter how grumpy, mean, pushy, aggressive, or just plane toxic someone is, deep down I believe they (just like us) just want to be loved, accepted, and be happy. Unfortunately, some of us don't know how to express it or how to overcome the sadness we are feeling. Mean people are sad people (of course there are the few that are truly just sociopathic...but they are few and far between...I hope). As much as I can, I try and remember this. If you have read my post entitled "why can't we just get along" you will know I struggle. It's hard when others don't like us, but we will grow into stronger people if we overlook the bad in others and remember the good (um...ya...I'm aware I am sounding like a fortune cookie...sorry 'bout that).

I know all I have to do is go for an
ocean walk and I feel better.

Just move your body and eat some vegetables and you'll be fine.
This one is just coming to fruition with me. After reading, researching, practicing, and making my own changes in life, I have finally come to the conclusion that when it comes to Real Life Health, moving a little and eating your veggies (along with some laughter and attention to stress management) you will enjoy a healthy life. You may not be the size you want, but health is NOT about size. Whatever you do, do not get sucked into those people telling you you "should" do this exercise or you "should" eat that food to lose this pound or get that look. It's all a bunch of CRAP! If I know one thing in life....I know this. Wait for it, it's all in my new book.

Actions really do speak louder than words.
There are a lot of great talkers out there. People who would have you believe they are the role model for health, success, wellness, spirituality, and the like. What I have learned is those that talk your ear off about all the great things they do for themselves and others rarely live up to their stories. Conversely, those that rarely talk about what they do tend to do great things. Unfortunately, it's hard to make a living for yourself if you can't sell yourself.....this is something I still have to learn.

On that note, I realize I have more lessons to learn than learned lessons (such a deep bumper sticker phrase) and for that, I'm excited to move into the new year. I always feel like a kid on Christmas eve when a new year starts. What's going to happen this year? Who am I going to meet? What great events will occur? What catastrophes are coming our way? What kind of person will I be next year? ....................I guess I'm going to have to wait and see.

Happy 2012. I hope you all find happiness no matter what your size is, or how you look, what you own or don't own. I hope you give the people you pass by on the street a smile and are kind to animals. I hope this is your year to find what makes you the happiest no matter how crazy others may think it is. I hope you find and/or keep the love in your life and give that love to as many people as you can.
Since my cat died a few months
ago, I have sort of "adopted"
Kyra as my own as much
as I can. She's my man-friend's
Husky and has a way of perking
me up when I'm feeling sorry
for myself...as animals do.

NO.....I"m not drunk, it must be all the refined carbohydrates I've ingested over the past 48 hours. I promise, it won't happen again and I will go back to my cynical self in no time. But I was serious about the being kind to animals part.

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