January 8, 2012

Stupid Wine!

Sure, it looks all innocent standing their surrounded
by nature and grapes, but inside that pristine looking
glass is enough grape juice to make me want an entire
plate of supreme nachos all my own...demon wine.
Although my intentions are always good, I consistently find a wine glass in my hand around 8pm. What's up with that? During my graduate program, I cultivated quite the love/hate relationship with wine (I also gained around 20 pounds if I remember correctly). As far as my own personal healthy eating plan is concerned, my "deal breaker" is wine. I refuse to live life without it. The only problem I seem to have is when to say "enough". Take last night for example....

I bought this amazing, inexpensive bottle of "Copper Moon" from BC. I'm usually leaning towards Australia or Chile, but this one blew me away over the holidays (if you are looking to try something new...I highly recommend it). My intention was to have one glass for dinner with my man friend. As we got to talking, one turned into two and two into three and by the time the night was ending, so was the bottle of wine. What of it? What impact does one bottle of wine have over anything?

First of all, it is a fact that alcohol before bed interrupts your sleep (check - I dreamed of the end of the world all last night and got limited sleep for fear if I go back to sleep the dream would continue). It makes you pee (check - I was up all night doing just that). It also can make you bloated (check - all day today my work pants are so tight I'm looking forward to my big girl pants when I get home). So ya...wine has its' negative effects....but it's sooooooo good! Who cares if I'm lying on the floor squirming into my work pants?  kidding..........sort of.

Yes, I collect the corks. I took this picture this weekend and realised just how much I have enjoyed the grape!
 At any rate, something has to change and so my plan is to stay away from the grape juice for at least one week (kinda like a detox) and then slowly introduce it back into my life one glass at a time (per day and not per hour). I also read in one of those cheesy celebrity magazines (while on the elliptical machine try to dodge those irritating handle thingys) that alcohol can age you like nothing else can (well....besides chronic bitterness and anger).  So if for any reason than to satisfy my vanity, I'm going to try my hardest to stay away from wine. I will most definitely keep you posted on that....unless I take to drinking in the closet (no, I don't have a drinking problem....I like to think of it as a life passion).

So because of my lack of self control, I have decided to switch to margaritas.



PS. The Friday after I wrote this, I did switch to margaritas (two of them to be exact) after I had split a bottle of Copper Moon with my man friend. I'm evil and must be stopped.


I have made a commitment to myself not to have one drop of alcohol until January 28. I'll keep you posted...shouldn't be that hard?

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  1. Update...

    It is now May 2012 and all I can say is.....whatever. If loving wine is wrong, I don't want to be right!