January 4, 2012

Pale skin, puffy eyes, flat hair....oh my!

Seriously. With all the pills out there
for every crazy ailment, why haven't
they figured out a pill to stay young?
Why is there a correlation between age and the number of times one has to get up and pee in the middle of the night? Should I know this answer? All I know is through no fault of my own (I didn't drink cups of water before bed) I was up once an hour to pee last night. I remember, fondly, the days of sleeping a solid 8 hours every night. Now it's a crap shoot (was that a bad choice of words?). What's up with that?

Then came the "getting out of bed" portion of my day; I remember it as if it were a couple of hours ago.  Dragging my flannel covered ass into the bathroom, I looked into the mirror and saw an old woman; pale, blotchy, flat, and tired. Is this what health looks like or is this the effects of living in a rain forest in the middle of winter? As I showered, blow dried, and dressed, there was nothing I could do to feel "put together"...I continued to feel like the old woman who just got out of bed. The good news was my wrinkles were invisible due to the puffiness around my eyes (bonus...at least I had that going for me).

What is it about aging? I have slowly wrapped my head around the fact I'm turning 44 and soon I will be on the other side of my 40s. I haven't really felt the effects of aging that I hear about from others....I'm energetic, I don't creak, I'm not sore, I still have the maturity of an 18 year old (which is probably not a good thing) but....I'm starting to get hints that it isn't going to be too long before things start changing. Or is that in my head?

I know I have written a ton about how exercise and eating well helps slow the aging process (and I completely believe that and practice it as much as I can - when I'm not nursing a sore back or screwed up knee) but in the end....I do actually believe we age. Crap. I didn't think it would happen to me.
Poor superhero. I just know what he's
thinking...he's wishing he didn't use
permanent superhero suit paint.

It scares me when I think of how "the youth today" must see me. In my head I'm like them; I talk their language, listen to their music, understand (most of) their culture...but they still see me as their mother's friend. Oh the horror! It's funny, hey? You just don't notice aging until it literally hits you in the face on a Wednesday morning while you are prying your eyes open in front of the bathroom mirror. Stupid mirror.

How does this relate to health? I think the psychology of aging is more influential than the physiology of it. I feel old today and will probably move and look like someone near retirement age. Tomorrow, I may bound out of bed and feel 35 again (...what the hell, it's my blog, I'll say 25 again). Intellectually, I know that age is all in my head. I have met some very interesting and vibrant 75 year olds who didn't strike me as "old" so why am I walking around my day feeling 85? It could be that I haven't seen the sun for a week or work hasn't really kicked in yet. Perhaps I need some fresh air or a good run outside? Whatever the solution, this feeling will be back and I will slowly transition into middle age (somewhere around 55 is my guess...there is NO WAY I'm middle aged at 44....NO WAY!).

For those reading who have already gone through this transition from youth to middle age I'm sorry I never appreciated what you may have gone through. For me, there is a feeling of loss with age that is mixed with a sense of accomplishment and self confidence (coupled with anger, bitterness, and the urge to wear leg warmers and skinny jeans again). There should be support groups for aging or a special opportunities to save money or.....wait a minute....don't seniors centers and discounts do that already? Now I get it!

That's all I got. Now I must go to the store and grab some Clairol for my skunk stripe.


Okay. I have found my new role model! Love that
bathing suit! I do believe aging is about atiitude.


  1. Unless light skin is associated with light lips, language, hands and fingers of the hands and fingers, inside of the lips, and liner of the face, it is probably not a serious condition.

  2. Thanks for your post, P.V.
    I'm very relieved it isn't too serious...although I can't think of anything more serious than aging (at the moment).

    In all seriousness, I really do appreciate your post and thank you for reading.


    1. I loved your article. "stupid mirror." lol.

      I cracked up when you apologized to those who had already gone through the middle age transition, as I had the exact same inclination... like why was I so blind to what they were going through... I had blithely smiled and joked while they were going through the transformation into "oldness"... similar to those turning into a zombie or vampire at first only those with the affliction sense your transformation until finally, you too may see the "horror."

      I'm a man and hit 50 this year and a light bulb went off over my head. Unfortunately it was the wrinkles and aging light bulb. Somehow age had managed to disguise itself for years before revealing its handiwork all at once.

      The good that came from this revelation was my starting to live a more healthy lifestyle... quitting smoking, exercising, nutrition, on and on.

      Because you have become aware of the age-creep factor I maybe can save you some leg work on a few discoveries that will be beneficial in several years... you're obviously aware of exercising and nutrition so here's few tips you would have eventually found if you didn't already... Facial exercises, retin a, and green drinks.

      Call me narcissistic, (but please just call me, I'm not that old!) there's no reason I can't make improvements to my face to shed a few years if it makes me feel and look better.

      Thank you for your post. It made my day.


  3. Oh Daniel;
    We should just combine forces and write a blog solely dedicated to the aging (I guess that would incorporate a lot of people). Your comment made me laugh and made my day.
    It sounds like you are one of "those" people who has outrun or outsmarted the aging process so far. I really appreciate your tips and will definately look into the green tea.
    I do facial exercises in the car...and they are not working so maybe you could elaborate on that? The retin a I have tried, but it burned...it burned!
    So I just usually sit and hold onto something stable (i.e. brace myself) everytime I look into the mirror now. When do you get used to the wrinkly old gal staring back at you? Not that you would know anything about that as you are just "facing" this yourself.
    At any rate, thank you for your witty, thoughtful, and helpful post. I hope to hear from you again soon.


    1. Yes, Kathi. I firmly believe this is a subject you should continue to mine as aging will continue to have its way with innocents such as we.... and there will be others... oh yes, so many others. You could become the lighthouse of solace and humor to the new found aging.

      I should clarify my original tips as I feel I misled you (and perhaps myself!) to believe I have outrun/outsmarted the aging process, when in actuality I believe I have only confused the wicked aging process enough to regain my bearings and take a more activist role in aging. My progress is more in the realm of modest or mild physical aging reversals (against the wishes of the evil Father Time) and not a full blown return to my twenties (as my fantasy world dictates and for which the “future prophets” foretold to me in my youth!). I do feel much better then I have in years due to the "age-reversal" work, so for that I am thankful to turning 50.

      In regards to the facial exercises I think it is about expectations, duration, and contrast. Near as I can tell from your pictures you're still an attractive youthful looking woman so I'm not sure you're just not being greedy in your expectations ; ). The basic premise of facial exercises is that skin tightness can be rejuvenated by working the muscles in the face. Facial skin is attached directly to the underlying muscles, unlike skeletal muscles, so it would make sense we could stretch the skin tight again by using the underlying muscles (pulling it back). Why would our living skin sag uncontrollably over time, like dead leather, if not for the weight and atrophy of the underlying (underutilized) muscles, akin to underarm muscle sag.

      There was a study saying people associated facial sag more with aging then wrinkles which I would agree with. I've been at it for less than 2 months and I've seen a some decline in crows feet and other “problem” wrinkle areas, but a major improvement in skin firmness (less sag). I’m not sure how much progress I’ll make in reducing wrinkles, with this method alone, but eliminating the sag is well worth the effort. In regards to retin a, what strength are you at? If I leave my eyelids alone a 0.05% seems to be okay for me, although I would want to drop to a 0.02% at some point.

      Sorry I wasn't clearer about the green drink as it is not a tea, but rather a vegetable drink of freshly juiced greens (e.g. spinach etc) or the same in powdered form. My powdered version recipe, is one cup water, two tblsp of green-vegi-powder, (or spinach or barley grass or wheat grass powder), 3 tblsp of apple souce (to reduce the grit and nastiness), and 5 banana chunks, blend with ice. This is good for your entire body in addition to the wrinkle-down bennies due to improved health of the skin and underlying structure. My next phase is to juice fast (helping the body recover). Whee!

      I forgot about one of my favorite activities which is the mini trampoline. Not only will it actively help move your lymph system, but it will tighten your stomach muscles and give you a fun way to move, dance, and bounce each day.

      Best, Daniel

      PS Check out 84 y-old Eva Fraser. She looks like a fantastic 60 something and she studied the original creator of facial exercises Eva Hoffman.
      PSS I use the "ageless if you dare" facial exercise system.