January 25, 2012

I Sold My Soul...for Health Promotion

I am so very sorry I haven't posted in a while. My "day job" has gotten the best of me (damn day job) and I'm teaching more days than not. Don't get me wrong, I love it when I'm busy and get to stand up in front of different groups of people (I missed my calling as a showgirl.. I wonder if I could get away with wearing the sequence outfits at work?) but I do miss my posts.

I was kinda thinking something a little more....modern with a lot more feathers, but the circuis would do.
Today's post is more of a follow up to another I posted a while back. I'm sorry, I can't recall the witty, yet informative, title I gave it but it was all about my "cognitive dissonance" around advertising my lifestyle program as a weight loss program.  Because I know that weight loss programs are less successful in weight loss than health related "lifestyle programs", I was battling this internal fight in my head.  Do I advertise weight loss and get people in the seats, or do I stick to what I believe and market healthy lifestyle change; risking another course cancellation ('cause let's face it...lifestyle change is waaaaay less sexier than weight loss)? I bet you can guess, by this post's title, what I did. Yup....I sold my soul and went for the weight loss slant.  I even went as far as writing an article for the local paper advertising the benefits of my course and ending with a "oh...and by the way did I mention I also lost 30 pounds over the last year through these steps?".....the shame, the horror, oh the humanity. I lost sleep over it, I couldn't eat, my stomach was in knots......okay, not really, but you get the idea; I was stressed about it.

Well today was the first day of this course. Wanna know what happened? I bet you are just sitting at the edge of your seat just waiting to find out.  We had a record registration of over 18 people. Never have I had this many participants. The hope of weight loss is powerful, and I had just exploited it (even writing this, I feel dirty). Of course, when I got them sitting down, I started in on how weight loss programs don't work, and exercise isn't a weight loss tool (I wish I had taken pictures of their facial expressions at that point).  After reviewing the myths of weight loss we are now ready to focus on healthy lifestyle change (oh...and did I mention weight loss is a result of this?). 

So far, so good. People left happy (a few scared but otherwise unharmed) and I'm looking forward to another fabulous class next week. Next week, after a week of self exploration and goal setting, we will be embarking on the first short term goal. I'm hopeful all will be successful but can't ignore the statistic that out of my 18 participants, 10.8 will drop out before the seven weeks are up. At least I'll be able to keep .2 of that last participant (I hope it is the talking end).

That's all I got!

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