January 5, 2012

The Fat Pill is Here!

Finally! Hallelujah! Forget the pesky healthy eating and never mind the irritating exercise...the fat pill is on it's way to your neighbourhood pharmacy any moment now. How do I know? I just read it on CBC.ca. Here's the link if you want to read it yourself...http://www.cbc.ca/news/health/story/2011/12/29/fat-monkeys-chasing-cures.html 

Evidently, this pill (or shot) known as "Adipotide" not only allows you to eat what you want and sit on your duff, but actually works on those ugly fat cells themselves! Pretty soon, there will be no motivation to eat your veggies and go for a walk as long as we are able to inject ourselves with this drug everyday. Finally! What a great time to be a rhesus monkey!

But wait! There's more! Not only does the primary researcher involved hold a financial steak in the success of this drug, he tackling this irritating obesity epidemic due to the fact obesity causes cancer! Wow...in what creepy, turned around world did he get that information from? Obesity and overweight doesn't cause cancer. It is certainly related to cancer, but just because you are overweight / obese doesn't necessarily mean you are getting the big C. 

Are you picking up my sarcasm here?

I found this article on the CBC and as I was reading it I was seeing the future as if it was already here. We will be seeing a fat fighting drug within my lifetime and I'm sure, with that, we will see a decline in exercise participation rates and a rise in the demand for potato chips (I'm "tongue in cheeking" it..but you get the idea here). Research study after research study and book after book has debunked the mythology of obesity and its relationship to health. Why oh why do highly educated academic types continue to spend millions of dollars on finding a cure for something that doesn't cause anything? For the money? Yes. For the fame? Certainly. For the tenure? Most likely. But certainly not for the true health and well being of the population.

I wonder if this actually worked? I've heard nothing of it. Could you imagine the line ups at the drug store if this new drug is the real deal? I envision something out of a movie where people are climbing over each other to get at it.

You want health? Spend those millions of dollars on the programs that feed those in poverty heatlhful foods and not refined carbohydrates such as white bread, rice, and pasta. Market vegetables as sexy as we market Coca-Cola. Or invent a passive exercise machine that won't give you a deadly electrical shock to the heart..that will actually work (my nostalgic reference to Dr. Ho's magnificent electric belt). My guess is cancer rates and other rates of chronic disease would start to decrease more than the invention of a fat fighting shot in the bum.

...just a thought.

Of course, if I were to really think about it, and if there were absolutely no side effects whatsoever (short term and long term).....I'd probably stand in line for one of those shots too. Let's be honest...I'm as vain as the next health promoter.


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