January 3, 2012

"Changing Your Lightbulbs"

I never really appreciated the
beauty of a light bulb as much
as I do at this moment..........
Over the past six months, I have been acclimatizing myself to increasing darkness as one light bulb after another slowly burns out through my house. It got to the point of using my iPhone's torchlight to see down to the garage in the mornings as I navigated the stairs in my (fashionable yet senseless)high heels. What I do out of sheer laziness and procrastination is beyond my own belief sometimes.

Yesterday, for some strange reason, I got motivated to finally go to the store and get light bulbs. When I got home, I immediately placed one in every lamp and stood back admiring each room (now that I could see it clearly). It amazed me at how I adapted to the dark. At any rate, I sat on the couch with my man-friend watching an episode of "Breaking Bad" (flippin' brill by the way) glancing now and then at the soft illumination of my living room. I never realized how nice it was in there. My office space looks amazing with the desk lamp highlighting the book shelves and furniture. Why didn't I do this sooner? I feel like I have a new house!

Of course, I soon thought of this as a great change analogy and had to blog about it today (since this blog began, I'm always thinking of life events in terms of blog posts...go figure).  If you think about it, making a change in life is pretty much the same as changing a light bulb. We manage somehow to adapt to things like increased body circumference, pain, feelings of darkness, and complacency with the same seamless transition as we do when a light bulb burns out. It isn't until we make changes like eating more veggies and less crap, going for a walk, or talking to someone about our sadness that we realize we have been in the dark all this time.

This was me not too long ago. I thought I was happy living in the dark. I didn't know how dark until there was light (whoa...that's so existential).
Isn't there some sick story about a frog in a pot of water that relates to this? The frog will not feel the water slowly heat and boil until it's too late. Life without change is kinda like this (without the demented cruelty to animals theme...I hope).  Any little change towards the proverbial light will promise positive results and only lead to further change. It's kinda like a snowball starting out as a pebble and ending up as a boulder.

All I can say is I'm really excited about going home and turning on my new lights. Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to my first spin class of the year. I have made it my mission to participate in two a week.  I also went out and bought a very large Tupperware container that is now full of salad. My second mission is to bring a salad to work every day and top it with the meat cooked the night before. Last night we enjoyed the best beef tenderloin ever and tonight it's all about prawns.  Although this may be another post for another time, I highly recommend doing this and can promise it takes almost no time...just a bit of planning.


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