December 9, 2011

Joining the "ranks" of weight loss programs....

I do understand weight
loss (or the promise of
it) is a great incentive. But
what happens when it
isn't achieved?
Well, I've finally succumbed to the pressure of popular culture. I realize that I cannot compete with all the sexy weight loss programs out there so come January, I will be joining the ranks of weight loss programming. Has hell frozen over yet? Did I just see a pig fly across the sky? I feel sick about it.

If you have read any of my blogs on weight loss you will already know my rant is all about health versus weight loss for life long success.  Weekly weigh-ins can depress and stress people out when they don't see the number they expect, cutting calories without attending to proper diet can also leave an otherwise vegetarian craving a big fat piece of cow (not that I know anything about that...I'm just sayin'). I'm not a fan of the "biggest loser" programs or weight loss competitions in the office (although all of the above keep me in business as people walk through my doors defeated and looking for something that they can maintain). At any rate, to get them in the door, I must suck up my convictions and make my message of weight loss as sexy as humanly possible. So how should I do it? What should I call it? How can I attend to my own approach while attracting as much people as possible?

God I love this man/woman! She does
everything wrong, but she is hilarious
when she does it!

It's a truth I can't deny...people want to see results. They want to see the needle of that scale move to the negative or the tape measure cinch further to help motivate them to continue. I understand this but my question (and something I do keep myself up at night thinking) is how do I merge the need for weight loss results and the commitment to health and life long change? Is it even possible? I could create a snazzy title like my favorite skit from the show "Little Britain" like "Fat Fighters" (I have a clip from it under my "clips" link on my homepage...check it out) and offer sensible weight loss in a supportive environment. I could offer the usual 6 - 8 week program that would ensure positive results, nutrition and exercise education and the peer support needed. 

The problem is I know that most programs like that fail to make permanent change. The only way to ensure (or at least increase the probability of) lifetime weight loss is the dedication of more time for change and the focus on health (okay, now I'm sounding like a broken record).  At any rate, I must create a program for January that competes with the most enticing and sexy weight loss programs in our community but keep the theme of health and life long change alive and well. 

I realize this is what we have come to think of when we think of diets and weight loss, but this is sooooo not the program I want to offer. Doesn't this look boring and unrealistic. I'm getting hungry just looking at it.
If anyone has any suggestions, I would be very happy to hear them. Otherwise, I will get back to you on what I have come up with.....(this should be interesting).

Have a great weekend.


  1. conscious change is the only change.!!!

  2. You got tha right sista! So I shouldn't try hypnotherapy or hitting them over the head???

    Thanks for the comment. Always a pleasure k!

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  4. Thank you so very much, Allen, for commenting. I love to hear that you will be back. Please comment again and tell your friends!

    All the best.

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  6. Thank you for popping in, Gowshika! Thank you for reading my blog, I appreciate your time. You are asking one who is a bit of a techno-dufus when it comes to this stuff. I impress myself I'm a blogger.

    I believe I have a "follow by email" note at the top of this blog. I believe all you do is enter your email address and hit the button. To be honest, I've never done it before.

    God, I'm missing an opportunity here aren't I. I would love to add you as a follower if you are so inclined?

    At any rate, keep visiting...I will also visit your site and see whatcha talk about.

    HOpe to hear from you again. Your thoughts are very welcome.


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