December 5, 2011

I blame it all on stress! all looks beautiful as
it is being poured but where's
the pic a few glasses in?
It's Monday, December 5th and I'm finally out from under a few months of work and travel. Don't get me wrong, I love being busy with my hands in many different projects, but this fall was a bit more than I felt I could deal with. Hence my post on the events that transpired this weekend...after coming down from my professional high.

From completing another course towards my MEd. and travelling for work to submitting an exciting chapter for an academic text book (I was invited to co-author), I've been jumping from one deadline to the next. As I flew onto the island on Friday night I was elated that it was now over and I could enjoy a few Christmas parties and sleep in (I bought some special flannel PJs just for the occasion). What really happened was beyond my control...I take no responsibility and blame only stress and extreme fatigue (ya...I one is to blame but myself but's my blog I can deflect if I want to).

As soon as I entered the dolled out party room of my man-friend's work Christmas party, I made a bee-line to the bar (drink tickets in hand). Before I knew any better, I had four empty wine glasses and three man-friends in front of me....and I don't believe dinner was served yet. I knew, at that time, I must be stopped so I drank as much water as my bladder could hold. But wait....there's more!

It would be irresponsible of me not to add something like this here. Yes, I know, smoking is completely bad for you. I had ONE smoke (and felt like peuking for 15 minutes).  No..I'm not going back to it. is a dirty habit. No...I am not judging those who do it...I'm just saying it is what it is.  One person's smoke is another person's lack of emotional management.
As much as I can't believe I'm typing this, the urge to "hack a butt" took over me (yes, I'm an ex smoker from a long time ago) and I followed an acquaintance out onto the cold, freezing porch to see if I could use my female ways to bum a smoke.  Lucky for me (and my clean, pristine lungs) I still had a little appeal left as I ended up smoking back a cigarette while feeling the world spin around me. It made me so sick, I was left wondering why the heck I would ever be so stupid to think it would lead to good vs. evil. Whatever. I blame stress. I don't know why, but I believe this is the greatest sin of all in the world of health promotion. If you think about it, chronic stress, chronic anger, social isolation or even drinking an energy drink is just as bad if not worse for your health....go figure.

For the rest of the night I was sipping water and eating ice cubes. I caught it early, but my man friend wasn't so lucky. Having his own stress to deal with, he got into the Tequila and...well....what can I say, no one comes out of that one without regret. He was nursing a pretty bad "cold" the next day I can tell you. What is it about "letting go" that influences us (in general) to drink heavily? I mean, I teach a course on alcohol and drug awareness and understand the effects of large amounts of booze on the body. I know all this stuff, but when push comes to shove...I am no better than the next chick standing in her hot pink platform shoes.

This was me at 6 watching my mother
make grilled cheese sandwiches. To
this day, whenever I need a friend
to talk to...I make one of these....
...kidding....sort of.
 The first thing I did when waking up the next morning was inhale two (not just one) grilled cheese sandwiches and a bowl of buttered popcorn. The buttery food baby I was nursing for the remainder of the day was kicking and squirming and yelling for chocolate.  What can you do? He's my baby? What my baby wants, my baby gets. Have you ever tried Merci chocolates? I have........nuff said? 

Sunday morning came and I declared things would be better. I would finally go to the gym and start eating healthy again. After a few hours it became clear that the gym wasn't going to happen and I had so much to do already. I had to watch a movie, then I was forced to make a big breakfast complete with those chunky, fried hash browned potatos.  I ended up making a lasagna from heaven followed by a bowl of Skor ice cream (OMG..haven't tried it? Hold on to something when you do).

Seriously. What can I say here that
already has been said by the smiling
popcorn container? It's happiness
in a cardboard box.
At any rate, I woke up this morning with a renewed sense of healthfulness and dedication to physical activity. I survived my weekend of stress-related behaviour without having a heart attack or gaining 10 pounds. I also got to watch a fabulous documentary called "Fat Head" which I highly recommend to anyone interested in the other side of "Supersize Me" or who is interested in a different take on fat loss and the musings of the nutritional scientists. It was so enlightening I am still not able to grasp all of it. I ordered it from amazon and will watch and re watch over the holiday season (as I make pecan caramel dipped in chocolate).

So that's all I have today. Just another example of the health promoter falling off the wagon again. No harm done, nobody got hurt, and this will all just be a faint memory in 24 hours.  Falling off the wagon is a part of a healthy diet.....just acknowledge it and move on!


This is the cover of the DVD I watched. Of course, with any documentary, you must listen with a bit of critical thinking, but he definately cited the important obesity research and made some very interesting points. I highly recomment this.


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