December 21, 2011

Eat Cake for Breakfast!

I don't know about you, but I have limited patience for the "stay healthy at Christmas" health promotion messages. Last year, I wrote a blog post entitled "Leave Santa Alone" that detailed some of the examples of demented health promotion dictatorship as they ripped Santa a new one. Santa needs to loose weight; Santa needs to cut back on the cookies; Santa needs to slow down....yadda yadda yadda.  At work, I get sent these articles from "headquarters" that detail how you can avoid gaining weight over the holidays. Eat from the veggie plate first and then limit your sweets later. I mean...come that Real Life Health?!

Who the hell cares if you gain weight this Christmas???? In the big picture, is a couple of pounds really going to make a difference? I'm speaking for those who look forward to the big Christmas spreads with family and friends. If you choose to maintain your balanced eating habits over the holidays, all the power to you, but in reality many of us will bust a gut over the next few weeks and what of it? I have my sweatpants on standby as I type.

My final post before Christmas offers an message of health promotion for the holidays that may be a little different than the norm. Enjoy yourself, enjoy the many delicacies offered during the holidays. Have that second glass of rum and nogg (as long as you have a designated driver), say yes to seconds and no to veggies (if you would rather have another piece of fruit cake). Whatever you do, do not feel guilty that you are enjoying the fabulous feast at Christmas. Go for a walk or don't. Enjoy time with your family around the fire wearing elastic waistband pants. Don't ever "should" on yourself during this festive season.

Once we all wake up from our carbo-comas and dust off the powdered sugar, we will - once again - get back to reality and continue our journey towards healthier eating (I speak for myself here). We will go for our daily exercise (or at least try our hardest), we will eat less sugar and more broccoli, and above all - have patience with ourselves as we continue to make healthy changes. But for now...let's just celebrate the fact that we are alive and well and about to enjoy sticky toffee pudding or homemade caramel or egg nogg (straight up). 

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I have enjoyed reading your comments and watching my readership take off. I enjoy making fun of health promotion and fitness because really....that's all you can do is laugh. If you know of someone who is beating themselves up for eating "poorly" or feeling guilty about laying on the couch rather than going for a walk, please forward my blog to them. The one goal I have for writing this stuff is to send the message that no matter what you choose to do in life, you are okay (and, damn it, people like you). I"m not looking to sell anything or gain clients from this blog, just to spread a different message of health promotion (and, hopefully, make someone laugh in the process).
Indulge, have seconds, eat cake for breakfast, and don't regret a thing!

I wish you all the best for the Holiday Season. I hope you are able to enjoy time in your PJs. I hope you have the opportunity to eat cake for breakfast. I hope you laugh until you pee yourself (well....maybe not to that end, but you get the idea). I hope you feel love and connection. And, above all, I hope your time is safe and comfortable.

All I want to do is sleep in, sit in my flannel PJs, eat chocolates for breakfast, drink flavoured coffees, make eggs and turkey bacon and watch a movie that keeps my attention the entire time! Suck on that health promotion!

Merry Christmas!