November 9, 2011

Making the "healthy" choice in Vegas....

...kind of a pipe dream, but I did my best.  If you have made the pilgrimage to Las Vegas, you will know that it is full of choice. You can choose to gamble a penny or a pay check (or...let's face it...your life savings), you can choose to take the stairs or the escalator, you can choose to walk by M & M World or go in, and you can choose to go for the deep fry or order the veggie plate.

What did I choose?
I never did have an extra large girlie drink. But I took a rather good picture of one here. These drinks ran from $12 to $35 each!  Not only was that too much for my wallet, but too much for my liver!
It was no contest...the mango girlie drink / sourdough combination was just too much for me.
I chose to take a picture of this, a violation of the energy drink's health warning. If you read the back of the can, you will note that Red Bull and other energy drinks warn not to combine alcohol with their product. Interesting...what would happen if one keeled over with a heart attack?
I have never had a Krispie Creme (sorry to all my American readers...I think I misspelled it) donut in my life. Although I never bought one in Vegas...I certainly stared at them long enough. To  me, donuts are like chips...I can never stop at just one. I didn't want to open up that creme filled can of worms.

We chose the stairs over the escalator every time. As you can see, we didn't have to fight for space! I'm not sure, but I think we must have burned a ton of calories doing so.

Would you take a freaking look at this plate of heaven! I was so impressed with this item on the menu, although I was taken back by the serving size. It also came with a bowl of rice (I couldn't touch it after the veggies). All this for $13!

I chose NOT to walk past M & M World and bought 1.5 lbs of pastel coloured M & Ms. It's true what they say...what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! I ate the whole bag in Nevada. judgement!

Vegas was fun, but it took only two days to get tired of the food, the drink, the lights, the slot machines, the smoke, and all those people asking you if you want something for free.  As I was flying over the island peering down at the tops of our evergreens, I was thankful of where and how I live. I guess one of the best parts of a vacation is coming home (so corny....but so true).


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