November 2, 2011

I have a chocolate food baby!

If you look closely, you can see
their teeny tiny eyes winking at
you; enticing you to just pick
one. Evil, evil little choclate bars.'s two days after Halloween and I'm still feeling my chocolate food baby kick (stupid Halloween, stupid trick or treat, stupid candy). There's only so much resistance and internal strength I have sitting next to a bowl of assorted mini chocolate bars. Seriously. I have a belief that the diet industry is (secretly) behind the invention of the teeny tiny chocolate bar.  They look so innocent; like they could do no harm...just sitting there giving me the "come hither" vibe. Sure, one isn't going to make a dent in the cleanest of eating plans, but what about 6 or 8 or 10. I have no idea how many I inhaled, but the wrappers were strewn all over the living floor, in my pockets, and I even found one down my shirt at the end of the night. Now, I'm no math whiz, but I'm just guessing that if one bar is 90 calories (the most innocent of bars...I believe it was the packet of Reese's Pieces....and I hate those anyway) and I had, let's say.....10 (maybe more, I have blacked it out) that's a lot of calories.

For the record, I tried really really hard to resist them. My man friend bought the candy for the kids (I assumed he would buy a few little bags and leave it at that). Did you know they sell these bars in super size boxes now? He ended up with two extra large boxes of bars. From peanut butter cups, Hershey with almonds, and O'Henry (I haven't had one of those in years) to Cookies'n Cream and chocolate covered caramel, they were all sitting there in big bowls waiting for the trick or treaters to come knocking. The only problem was we only got a handful of visits and with every bar I gave out....another found it's way into me. Every time I unwrapped one I proclaimed, "This is the last one...that's it!"...but shortly after, I would see one I hadn't had yet or make a deal in my head that it's only 90 calories...I mean, I will be sure to eat well tomorrow (you know those deals we make in our heads...or am I the only one?). At any rate, I'm thinking I ingested close to 1,500 calories that night. Nice. Feel really good about that.

Hey, if you researchers need some more test subjects, I'm available any time!

The next morning I awoke with a renewed commitment to vegetables (not to mention an O'Henry  hangover) and by 1pm (in the safety of my office) I succumbed to the Halloween candy aftermath. This occurs when everyone in your office brings their extra candy to work and places them in big bowls at their desks. I know there are those that think, out of the kindness of their hearts, that they are doing something nice by hosting a candy dish at their desk, but did you know that is one of the best ways to accumulate extra fat over the years. How many times do we pluck a treat as we walk by? In the end, I couldn't resist...yet again (heavy sigh of disappointment).

It is so true what the research tells us. Our environment makes a huge difference to our health. For me, I know that if I have a house full of Halloween candy stored in the freezer I will be in the dentist next week with three broken teeth (in other words, I will do what it takes to get a hit of chocolate). Conversely, if it ain't there, I ain't looking for it.

So today is another day and I plan on eating well and avoiding the sugar. It's like coming off of heroin...seriously. I know I write and talk about negative effects of self-flagellation and I know I am "should'ing" all over myself. I will stop now, wipe the chocolate off my face, get off the floor, and look forward to getting back to the norm of healthy eating.

A health promoter in Vegas....should be
.....however, by Saturday I will be in Las Vegas (although you know what they say....what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I hope this applies to food babies too). Should be some good fuel for a couple of entertaining blog posts (I just can't say "no" to a blue, blended, girlie drink in a water bottle shaped like the Eiffel Tower) to follow.


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