November 22, 2011

Calorie Counting Doesn't Work?

I know!
Okay. So I was doing my usual morning news search and came across an article proclaiming that calorie counting may not lead to weight loss.  Of course, my heart rate went up, my pupils dilated, and my breathing became fast and shallow at reading those words....."What the hell do you mean...doesn't count!?!" I yelled to myself in my kitchen....alone....with nothing but my vase of dead flowers to hear me (or maybe they were just playing dead).

Evidently, the latest research in obesity has come out with the suggestion that "static" calorie counting (that is, the assumption that if I cut 100 calories a day, I will loose one pound of fat in 35 days because one pound of fat is 3,500 calories) doesn't lead to weight loss.  The reason? Because as the body sheds weight it compensates for calories burned. Therefore, it doesn't need as many calories in the first place.

Are you picking up what I"m putting down? Did anyone catch that?????

Nothing to worry about...
Just a big misunderstanding.
As I finally brought myself back outta the spaz I was in pre-article, I quickly came to realize - without doing much investigation - that this suggestion is assuming a sedentary lifestyle. Whew....thank God.  This means, if you are resistance training - using weights to increase your muscle tissue - you are not only increasing your muscle mass but also the caloric demand of that muscle.  Therefore, if you are cutting your calories and building more muscle you counteract the body's ability to slow down the metabolism, thereby, slowing down the weight loss. 

At the risk of talking my mouth off without doing a lot of research (I'm tired...I had a long weekend) I'm going out on a limb to say that this study doesn't appear to have included the benefits of exercise and weight training. So if anyone was reading the headlines and had the same reaction I did this worries. Just get your cute bum into a gym or figure out something you can do at home to build muscle! Combined with a caloric deficit, you will continue to lose weight without the fear of a slowing metabolism.  What can be taken from this? Don't just cut your calories...pick up something heavy and move it around (under the proper guidance and supervision of course).

....that is, unless I'm totally and completely wrong.



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