October 29, 2011

OMG...I Laughed SO Hard!

So there I was, on one of the many flights back home. I was in a crappy mood and so bloated I couldn't see my ankles anymore. I had enough of the squeezing, shoving, and pushing and was just about to scream when..........(click on clip now)

.....thanks to Michael McAdam, I was saved by 4 minutes of belly laughter that literally saved me and made the rest of my trip happy and fun. I was inspired by him to add more laughter at my workplace and will continue to click on this clip as a reminder when I could easily choose to be a sour puss.

I hope this makes your day a little more fun as it did mine.




  1. omg. So funny. Watched it twice. K

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  3. Thank you for your "teachable moment", V;

    It's is also a very popular social media-based acronym for "Oh My God".

    I hope you got a chuckle out of the clip at any rate.