October 28, 2011

My muscles are turning to fat!

Of course that is the oldest myth running. Muscle tissue cannot turn into fat tissue. But it certainly feels like it could be true. I sat on my bum the entire week. Although I ate well or most of it, when push came to shove, I shoved a rather large chocolate cake down my throat.

I am feeling the greasy side effects of the grilled chicken burger I just ate followed by the greasy wedge fries. Gross. My stomach is hating me, my energy level is nill and I don't care how I look as I sit in the corner of the airport with my panus hanging out waiting for my flight back home. I don't know why, but traveling negatively influences my

I am craving a workout, craving a vegetable and craving my life back. Why does traveling do this to me?????? Why?

That's all for now. I must board my next, of many, flights now.


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