September 7, 2011

Looking Good Naked

We all want it! If there is one person out there who doesn't, after stripping down to their birthday suit, examine themselves in the full length only to shake their head at some wobbly part they don't like....proclaim your existence! Even the skinny, beautiful people dislike something about themselves. Lucky is the North American who loves every inch of themselves upon close inspection (unless you are a child who has yet to be tainted by our obsession with appearances).

For me, the hardest part about writing a blog post or speaking on our fear of fat or the truth about obesity (see last post on "Fat Terrorism") is fighting the little voice in my head screaming....."ya, but......I still want to look good naked!"  So what if being fat isn't bad for our health. So what if we shouldn't judge others or ourselves for carrying around that extra fat. Society values thin and defines it as beauty and the real life truth of the matter can't fight the power of social influence. We are all socialized.

No matter what the feminists said in the 70's, I love the feeling of being taken care of (although I haven't really had much of that as an independent single woman most of my life but I'm just sayin'...). No matter what I know about the evils of deep fried Mars bars, I love the feeling of biting through the crunchy outside and sinking into the gooey inside. And no matter what they say about fat and health, I love the feeling I get zipping up my jeans without doing "the dance".  I love seeing a muscle poke out or a shadow of collar bones through a v-neck shirt. I am influenced by what society defines as attractive.

Now that's not to say that I don't practice what I preach. I certainly do....I believe that is the most important part of being a health promoter. However, when I do get on that elliptical trainer for 45 minutes, it's not only because I truly enjoy it, but it is to burn a few extra calories in the process. I also admit, to anyone who challenges me, that I'm doing it to look my best (or...let's face it....look good naked).  I'm not doing it for my health. If I was only focused on health, I might choose a 60 minute walk along the waterfront vs. a challenging cardio workout (but you never a fitness leader I adore the sweat and heavy breathing that comes from an intense cardio).

The message that fat is healthy and isn't going to kill you is not one that people really care about because of the desire to be thin.  We use health as a motive for our desire, but truly it is because of how we want to look....and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that (unless you are going about it in an unhealthy manner or hating yourself, depressed, or a shut in because of it.......I know at least one person unwilling to date because it means she may eat more than her allotted caloric intake for the day - that's a fear of fat).

So if you are reading my blogs (and thank you for that) and find I'm posting on the myths of obesity while writing about how to lose weight be assured I am totally aware. My "secrets to weight loss" postings will continue and I will continue to offer tips on how to get the best bang for your workout....all in the name of looking good naked and nothing else.

So here's to your good health and really cute bum!

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