September 19, 2011

Confessions of a Health Promoter...

Please forgive my lack of
interest in writing...I am
hopeful it's just temporary.
Forgive me, Reader, for I have sinned. It's been over 10 days since my last posting.  Since the beginning of my blog (2009), I can't remember feeling more empty of ideas than I have over the past week.  I have been teaching and developing a few courses lately, reading some great books (a few on the economy of chronic surprise there) but really directionless when it comes to a post on Real Life Health. 

I haven't come across a topic that I have felt strongly about for a while, but I have continued my focus on eating more veggies, reducing my servings, and cutting out refined carbs and sugar. I am happy to say, it's been two months and so far so good. I don't miss it, I feel great, I have lost about 8 - 9 pounds (although I haven't gotten on the scale for a while) and all my old clothes are new again. Don't you love that feeling? You remember a few jackets or shirts that just didn't fit before and now they fit like a glove. It's like I have a whole new wardrobe. 

Of course, understanding the ups and downs of behaviour change, I'm not donating my old stuff to a good cause yet. I know that I should be expecting old behaviours to creep back but I can honestly say, I don't crave the sugar and salt I used to. Most surprisingly, I am craving a grilled chicken salad more often than not. I have learned to use my indoor grill more and have grilled chicken, seafood, veggies, and put them on a bed of salad. There is nothing you can't do with salad. Make a base (greens, tomatoes, diced peppers, carrots, nuts, avocado, Chinese noodles if you like, and anything else you love in your salad) and then have fun with the protein (chicken, pork tenderloin, steak, tofu, prawn/scallops on a stick...these have worked for me).

The key is serving up in small amounts. My rule of thumb has been whatever I served myself in the past, I half it. If I'm still hungry I can always go back for seconds, but seconds are already packed up in the fridge ready for lunch tomorrow....he he...little trick based upon my own laziness.  I have the energy to exercise every day and haven't felt this healthy in a long time.

I love the cake mix from a box, the icing
from a tin, and a fork. It's messy,
imperfect, and the best damn thing
in the world!
I haven't made myself a specific weight goal and my focus isn't on weight loss (ironically that is what is happening however). I want to eat a diet based on veggies for the health of it...the trouble was always getting there. I haven't cut out red wine (but I have reduced it to only a few glasses on the weekend) and I will never cut out the fun foods altogether (I was forced to have peanut brittle this weekend.....forced I say!), but I have been making a conscious effort to just say "No." more often than not. In fact, I was able to stay away from the cookies when I facilitated a course last week (and bought everyone cookies) and declined (happily and without much thought) to my favorite thing in the world......chocolate cake with vanilla icing (in the tin). I did it! Man..I can't tell you how good THAT felt.

At any rate, for those who always read my blog (thanks again for that) I'm sorry I haven't been as attentive. I continue to have questions, frustrations, and challenges....but that little voice in my head sometimes warns me to keep them to myself.

Don't cha hate it when this happens?
Have a great week.

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