August 7, 2011

When "Healthy" Means Whole Wheat

Today I find myself sitting in the Vancouver International Airport waiting for a ride to Ottawa. I love Ottawa. I love having a job that asks me to go to Ottawa for feels so "important" in some "Get Smart" kinda way.  My work there (although top secret I will share with only you) includes work on a social wellness education course for use across the country (of course I'm sure a few pub visits and shopping excursions may get in the mix somehow). Fabulous.

I remember when I decided to go back to school to get a masters degree with the plan of working with Ottawa when health prevention/promotion became more of a national interest. And here I am.....sitting in Vancouver's airport, people watching, blogging, and going to Ottawa to work on a health promotion gotta love the Law of Attraction.  In addition to this, I"m searching out something healthy to have for lunch in an environment that promotes just the opposite. And here's where I get to the subject matter of my post today.

Now, over the course of the last few weeks with that stupid cruise (not that I'm still bitter) and having my party-animal family stay with me for four days, I have gained a bit of weight. Needless to say, I can't bend and move the way I used to and nothing fits....I hate that. So a couple of days ago I re-committed myself to leafy greens and veggies. The last two days have been great. I have made salads with crab or salmon and haven't been tempted to munch outta the chip bowl when company comes over.

However, the biggest challenge lay ahead of me....travelling. I am the unhealthiest traveller ever! For some strange reason, I feel it necessary to purchase and pack snacks and such for fear of starvation (God forbid I go without food for 4 hours or something). When I'm at my destination, I avoid the veggies and go for what looks the sexiest.  Not this time, however. My goal is to stick with my healthy plan while I'm on the road. So far so good (note: I've been "on the road" for three hours so far).

I woke up with oatmeal and am now sitting here with a black coffee (and cream) and a banana. I have already assessed the food options at the airport and have found some chickpeas with veggies. I did buy a snack but it is a almond/raisin pack for later (when I am so hungry I want to eat the flight attendant).  I do have to admit, for someone in search of a healthy meal, it is hard to find it. From where I'm sitting right now, I can see..."Rice Tales" - a sushi place full of sushi (did you know that there is a high content of sugar in sushi), There is Verga's Burger's a no brainer.  You have "Canadian Food Co." which promises a healthier option for the health conscious traveller. The only healthy option I see is the whole wheat tortilla chip....not good enough. Then there's "BG Urban Cafe" which, I believe, will be my saving grace for the day. I'll keep you posted.

Not my airport, but if you've seen one airport food court, you've seen them all. To be fair, Vancouver's do offer some healthy just have to be on the ball (and non-hormal) to choose well.
It's too bad that there are so many things that tempt someone like me (a junk food addict in rehab). It's is so easy to grab some chips, chocolate, or even those really big sandwiches that have the lettuce poking out the sides so you think it is healthy (until you open it up to reveal enough processed meat and cheese to kill you on the spot). will be tough, but I can do it. I think the key to healthy eating on the go is the desire and enjoyment of eating well.  If you are craving will find it....suddenly in your mouth without the memory of putting it there.

I managed to find a greatThai chicken salad with sauce on theside. It was amazing! Way to go Vancouver Airport!

So that's all I got at the moment. Meanwhile, I will continue to sit and people watch. I always get a kick out of those rushing for their plane as they try and balance all their carry on without stumbling (some are very good at it). Or those that have their heads buried in their smart phones the entire time. I have to admit, I'm not a very friendly traveller...I don't go out of my way to strike up conversation and usually have my head in a book.

Speaking of which, I just bought "Dr. Joe's Science, Sense, and Nonsense" just now and look forward to reading his critical take on all the health scares we face in the name of "science". I'm also readying "The World is Fat"; an interesting examining on why our nation (scratch is becoming fatter and what exactly is the cause.  Anyone who believes it is purely because people are becoming sloths and gluttons need to read this book!

This is a great look at all
those little things we do
that promote weight gain
overtime.  It is a great
motivator for me to think
more before I choose.
That's all I got for now. Hello chick pea I come!


  1. OMG Kathy I love reading your work! I to and a very unhealthy traveler and for some reason nothing matters when I am not at home. So, eat and drink I do. I am in Ottawa for a conference in October. I find these same unhealthy choices at the hospital. I am at Royal Jub all day Friday and now at Vic General all day tomorrow. I am packing my tuna and salad and fruit cup and protein bar etc. Options at a hospital... TIM HORTONS?? please people.........! Eat well and thank you for blogging!!

  2. OMG M!!! thank you soooo much for your comment. I have missed you. Where have you been? I believe we can eat very well travelling and on the's just hard turning the junk down.

    For example, I am sitting here (alone) in my hotel room as there is a bag of M and M's sitting in the mini bar (albeit for the price of $10 and my first born...he he little do they know). Those little M and M's are sitting there taunting me and I'm not going to let them win. I have pictures of brocoli dancing in my head.

    Hope you have a great week and great travels!