August 2, 2011

I Love My Fat Pants!

OMG...what if this was actually true?
I tried....and failed miserably. One of my latest, pre-vacation posts, detailed my "Polly Anna" plans to eat healthy on my cruise to Alaska and upon reflection of said post I am feeling very sheepish over my blatant disregard for my own humanity (and love for turkey bacon, fresh buns, and melted butter). Um....ya....I kinda lost all control when they served the bun basket before all those amazing dinners on the cruise ship.

So today I sit in my fat pants after using a shoe horn to get myself into my work clothes. Needless to say, my diet was less than balanced (unless you define balance as a margarita in each hand). What I did hold onto, as much as possible, was my workouts and got really into the running thing (albeit on a treadmill). It wasn't until I had my niece and nephew for the weekend that I couldn't get outside...(that was a lesson in single parenthood and I grew to understand the impossible task of finding time for self let alone a 60 minute run).

So my vacation is over and I am overjoyed to be back at work. I missed using my brain, I missed writing, I missed the people, and I missed the schedule. Getting back to eating well and exercise won't be a challenge (I am happy to report) but I soon leave again for Ottawa and will, yet again, be out of the loop for a while. I will try, yet again, to outline an eating and exercise plan and stick to it....but I'm thinking my lack of confidence in my own success is what will lead to my demise...not to mention all the fabulous restaurants lining the streets of this beautiful city.

In my opinion, everyone needs at least one pair of fat's never time to say goodbye!

At any rate, I am happy to be back.  Over the two weeks I have seen much I wanted to blog about. From consistently selling snake oil for fat loss, flat stomachs, and good health on the cruise ship to the latest fitness crazes (taken from the fads of the past)....I'm back at it and looking forward to posting more on Real Life Health.

Thank you for your comments, emails, and time.
That's all for now as I try and strengthen my writing muscle again...I feel all disjointed and logy.


Oh..and ya...Alaska looks JUST LIKE Vancouver Island (we even have our very own glacier).


  1. I'm not so fat... so I've only think pant and I like that...

  2. Hey WISPR;
    Thanks for your comment. I guess our definition of what makes our "fat pants" is all relative but I'm very happy you are happy with your pants!

    Pant love makes for great health!

    Have a great summer!