August 19, 2011

Calling All Readers!

I have noted a dip in readership lately (someone even dropped off as a broke my heart and almost sent me running for a bag of Doritos - kidding......sort of).

I realize that out of 100 readers you may get one comment and I realize it is summer and you probably have many more interesting things to do. I also realize I didn't start blogging to be popular with people I don't know....... BUT is there subject matter that would interest you more?

Am I not hitting a cord or missing the boat. Perhaps my blogging ship has sailed or the cat has been let out of the bag (I can't think of any more silly metaphors...if that's what they are).

I began writing because of my moments of frustration and lack of a peer group to discuss it with (I work pretty much alone without the huge team of fellow health promoters). However, I soon began to note an interest in specific topics and started going in that direction. The trouble is....I don't see that direction anymore.

At any rate, I am aware and I really do want to post what interests you as it relates to diet, health, fitness, weight loss, stress management, and the like. If there is something you find more interesting (vs. my medical experiences...but I can't understand why that wouldn't interest you.....), please let me know.

Otherwise, I will continue with my own observations as a health promoter and try not to look at the stats.

That's all I got....have yourself a healthy and injury free weekend!


  1. I would never drop off.. but chips do sound good:):)

  2. Hey Anonymous!
    Thanks for that. I appreciate your visits and comments all the time.

    Enjoy your last few weeks of summer!