August 29, 2011

A Body at Rest...Stays at Rest

There's something to be said for that irritating law of inertia. From my 23 years (OMG) of experience as a trainer and exerciser, I am a full on subscriber of this law. From the days when I am active and looking forward to my next exercise session to those when getting off the couch appears to be impossible, I continue to run the spectrum (or continuum...which ever applies here) of the law of inertia.

All of Newton's Laws of Motion can be easily applied to physical activity (or inactivity).
Today I start back to my exercise program (albeit very slowly) after 10 days of "rest" after my little surgical procedure. Although, at the time, I was horrified to think I wouldn't be able to run or bike for 10 days, I fell into a comfortable peace after only the second day ( didn't take long to start falling off that wagon).  I found I had much more time on my hands by not having to collect my gym bag in the morning and not having to use my lunch hours for exercise and not having to spend an hour after work (when I worked out outdoors) to go on a ride....lotsa time. I cleaned my garage, I organized my junk drawers and closets, I got back to working on my line up of art projects, and I read more books. I started loving not exercising (God forbid, a fitness leader admits to that; kinda like a smoking cessation coach loving smoking).

But the holiday is over and I must get back to it for the sake of my energy levels (a bit on the low side), my muscles (now that all my hard work has turned a little soft), and overall health.  As much as I complain about exercising in this blog (and in real life) I do love the benefits of it and how I feel when I do it. I'm not going to lie to you, it is hard to actually get my "gym strip" on (sometimes) and walk down the long hallway that leads to the cardio room and actually get on a bike or get into the weight room....but it's worth it.
Although, if I had this set up in my backyard, I wouldn't consider getting out of it for some stupid walk!

With anything, the slide into sedentary living is a painless (and very easy one) to ride.  You miss a workout here and there and finally the active days become less until you can't remember your last workout. It is easy to do, believe me. It isn't until you lace up the shoes again that you remember just how great you feel when you do it (and if you don't feel good, you may be doing too much too soon). The great news is it is never too late to become active again. Go for a small walk today and you could find yourself walking faster and longer by Christmas. Continue, build up speed, stamina, and duration and you could be doing 60 minute power walks by the spring (looking fabulous, feeling fabulous and irritating your friends talking about how great it is to exercise)!

That's all I got....

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