July 18, 2011

Should Health Go On Vacation?

I am hopeful that our ship is a little bigger (and newer) but
you get the idea.....
I have always been a firm believer in throwing caution to the wind while on holiday. If you meet up with a flirty pizza...eat it! If you have the opportunity for a few margaritas on a sunny deck somewhere...drink it! If you aren't in the mood to workout...forget it! That is until I turned 40.

I will admit, I appreciate the physical benefits I am rewarded (albeit in limited amounts these days) with exercise and eating well.  While my primary motivation is health, the fact I don't have to purchase a new size of pant every year is a plus.  It used to be that I could eat whatever I wanted and lay on the beach like a slug for a week and get back to it like nothing happened. Now....I feel like crap after one glass of wine and my energy levels seem to plummet after only one skipped workout. Not to mention I just have to look funny at a chocolate glazed donut and gain 5 pounds. 

OMG...I believe I may be powerless
under the chocolate fountain
syren song...wish me luck.
Because of this, I am going to great efforts to continue my healthy eating regime and exercise program as I cruise to Alaska and back over the next week. I realize I am walking into a decadent battlefield of pancakes and syrup, chocolate fountains, french fries, and the dreaded (and breaded) chicken strip. I have a weakness for chicken strips. Not only that, the less I do, the less I will want to do so I must chisel out an exercise plan right from the start. I have already scoped out the ship and understand the fitness services they have on board.

My plan is to eat a wide variety of vegetables (limited those dunked, fried, tempura'd, sauced, and battered), use the small plate and only go up for one serving (I'm sure there are a ton of buffet situations....those are a killer for the strongest action plans).  I will be maintaining my walk/run program (I guess it will be around the ship's deck) and will be hitting the cardio machines and weights on board. These are my intentions.....

The funny thing about intentions are once you make them it is the time between planning and action that can make or break your best laid plan. My goal is to blog about each day and sharing the pics I take from each experience. My fear is that they don't have WiFi (that will be like cutting off my right arm but I will try and survive it). I guess if you read a new blog over the next few days, I made it through. Otherwise, you can imagine me laying on a deck chair desperately gasping for air like a fish out of water (that's the only visual that came to mind...but I'm sure I'm not that addicted....I'm sure....it's nothing...really).

So my eating plan will be as follows....
Breakfast:  oatmeal with nuts and raisins and a coffee (lotsa water)
Snack:  1 fruit
Lunch:  salad (loaded with veggies) and a chicken breast or fish (of course I'm open to other options, but the main theme is lotsa veggies)
Snack: another fruit
Dinner: 1/2 a plate of veggies and whatever they are serving with the theme of serving size. If it is chicken, fish, or steak (for example) I will portion it to a deck of cards.
Booze: I'm going to go with the Health Canada's Safe Drinking Guidelines and limit to under 2 standard drinks per day.

um...ya...this would be a big barrier.
So many cakes..so little time. I know,
I'm already setting myself up for
Barriers to this plan?
I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say that the sight of something really good is a big barrier for me. The dessert tray, the chocolate fountain, the cheese plates..... I swear they all give me the big eyes as I walk by trying to ignore them.  I will try my best to keep my goal in mind, to remind myself of how crappy I feel when I overdo it, and to think about the panus I will have to squish into my pants when I get home...no one needs to see my big old panus squish (yes, it is a medical term....look it up).

So if I'm lucky enough to have WiFi capability, I will be logging my progress every day while I'm on the ship. Otherwise, I will be writing it down in a log book and making these entries when I get back.

So if I am unable to post for the next week, don't forget about me while I'm gone....(don't go and find some other health blog to read and forget about Real Life Health).

That's all I got.


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  2. Thank you so much for that kind comment, MerryJohnson!

    Although I didn't make chocolate fountains my subject, I appreciate that you appreciated it.

    Hope to hear from you again and thanks for taking the time to read Real Life Health!