July 4, 2011

Exercise; Don't they make a pill for that yet?

It's that time again where workplaces are empty and the patios
are full.  What's a day at the beach without chips and beer!
I have a confession to make. If there was a pill I could take that would reap the same benefits as does exercise, I would totally take it! Totally! How bad is that coming from a fitness leader and promoter of health? ....but it's true (please don't judge me). Although I love to get out on the bike, run in the woods, and get jiggly on a spin bike; after taking time off from it all, it is so hard to get back to it again. I would much rather sit in a lawn chair, cider in one hand book in the other, and spend the summer in sloth.

I just had five luscious days off from everything....it started out normally enough. I went to the gym, ate my veggies, and stretched every day.  By the end of the fifth day I had the Skor ice cream carton on my lap (OMG....have you tried Skor ice cream yet?) and was pouring the hot butter all over the popcorn like it was my last meal (it very well could have been with all the fat I ingested last night). 

This is a real life photo taken
from Coombs, BC. My man friend
and I spent the day shopping and
eating. One day I will have enough
money saved so I can buy this house.

So I'm back to work again, back to reality again, and back to the workouts again. I don't know why it is, but habitual exercise, for me, becomes too much of a burden when I'm on vacation. I'm assuming it is a challenge for a lot of regular exercisers, but I do see those lucky few who are committed to their regime; vacation or not. For those who are, I congratulate you.  Sticking to a schedule while on vacation (sleep, nutrition, and exercise) helps you get the best (healthy) bang for your buck and may prevent you from feeling like an overstuffed slug by the end of it.

So how does one stick to a schedule when that is the last thing one wants to think about on vacation ("one" translates to me.....it's me not you)? In theory, I would strongly suggest creating a special plan for yourself that will compensate for the lack of schedule...in other words, plan for no plan. Start with a general program for the week but be sure to visit it daily to make room for the spontaneity of vacationing.  There is a fine line between health nut and healthy. The health nut will forgo the social time and the fun of the holiday for the workout and salad while the healthy individual is able to "just say no" to exercise and carrots when the opportunity presents itself (i.e. you are invited to a fabulous pub known for its' nachos and margaritas). Balance is the key to holidays (I know this, yet I struggle with my tendency to suck back the girlie drinks and dive into the cheesy fries every time).
We finally found an amazing Italian restaurant with an amazing patio. Red wine, focaccia (sp?) and goat cheese, and hand tossed pizzas were the order of the night! I ended up being rolled out, but it was worth every Italian bite.

Meanwhile, I have two weeks to get back at it and then I'm off  on a cruise ship for a week (to Alaska) with my mother (it was on her bucket list so I'm supporting her by going with). All I care about is that they offer WiFi on board....the rest is just butter with a lobster underneath followed by a healthy serving of chocolate cake (mmmmmm....butter).  Yup...Real Life Health will be going on the road (or ocean) and I'm sure to be blogging about my overseas experiences with overindulgence and sloth coupled by some really interesting anecdotes.
Our vacation destination came with a tiny (run down looking) carousel - sans creepy Stephen King type clowns. Unfortunately, I don't believe my bum could even fit on one of those tiny horses....whatever...stupid tiny fake horses.

But until then....that's all I got for now.

My favorite picture of the trip. Statues are everywhere in the Coombs market and this one just said "hello" to me (go figure).   Of course, the purple sky and feeling of movement is thanks to a few brilliant iPhone apps.

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