July 21, 2011

Are Healthy Intentions Better Than Nothing?

Okay...I finally found the Internet cafe and, although these posts are costing me a pretty penny, I couldn't stay away.  Although I have risked looking like an obsessive compulsive as I take a few dozen pictures of each meal during my first day, I cannot download these pics yet (as I probably just haven't figured out this process yet).

At any rate, I'm sure I made more than a few people giggle at my initial meal plan as I embarked on my first cruise of my life. Well.....I'm here to tell you that, although I did so very well in the beginning....it only took me about 2 hours on the boat before all hell started to break loose (ya...let's face it...I was not born with whatever it takes to say no to a good lookin' margarita or chocolate cake - although I did split it with someone).

So today I continue to make it my mission of being healthy on this bloody ship. I am still not sold on the cruise thing, in fact, I honestly don't know how I am going to get through today as we are on the high seas all day and I am stuck on a boat where the heat is cranked (I'm thinking because the average age is 75), and I'm having to walk very very very slowly as there are people everywhere (and let's face it, most are walking very slowly), and the ship is rocking back and forth while I am hoping my barf bracelets (those really attractive sweat-band-like wrist bands with the plastic pressure knobby thing that digs into your wrist to keep you for barfing on a boat) work.

For those of you who haven't done the cruise thing yet, imagine a Mexican all-inclusive .....on a boat with no escape (do you think I have a bad attitude or is cruising not for me?). I promise to give it some time. I have signed up for a spin class tomorrow morning and am hitting the gym (which is really impressive I have to say) today. Perhaps after a good workout, I will feel more myself. Until then, I can't be held responsible for my actions.

Until tomorrow or the next day....that's all I got (now I might just track down something covered in chocolate...with the intention of ignoring it once I find it).


PS. Yesterday we watched a movie on Oceans in the movie theatre of the boat. I learned that the Leafy Red Dragon (sea horse type animal) will die if removed from its environment........mmmmmm...I wonder if I could be related.

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